Sunday, September 19, 2010

Molasses day

Sammy took a crap twice and a whizz twice in the house. She is being stubborn and I guess this is going to go until winter, much To my dismay.

Anyhow: I made the web pages for Ray's mom today. That was fun to see come to light. I think he's pleased with it. Glad I did what I said I would do

I can now also sit in bed and type on my iPad. It is just what I needed..

Sloweer Than mollasses

Sammy had a day from he'll. She crapped on the floor a total of 4 times today. Two dumps and two whizzes. It can be very frustrating especially when she is a good dog.. Aggravating to say the least

Anyhow: I made Ray's mothers website today. It was fun seeing something come to life and light.. He's very happy it's done and so am I. I've done what was asked.

We went to see The Town movie this evening and I liked it very much. Just enough action and thriller and love scenes..

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sister loc journey??

Will I make a dream that I've always had to be a hair stylist? I want to just go and sign up for the classes and call the people in. I don't have the money to do it without debt.. they say don't go into debt but to become a doctor, a lawyer or dentist, you must go into debt. So, why is going to hair school any different? It's a passion, a love for hair. I've always loved styling my hair, making different sets and coloring. And now, I'm wondering, pondering,... do I go down that road? They say,, ,go to the road where your passion lays..