Monday, March 30, 2015

Did someone say Rip it

Well today, I had good intentions on getting a few things done. Well, I got 2 out of my 3 so not bad. Except, they were very little projects that took me 3 hours. I spent at least an hour in the frog pond. I didn't want to go but it is Spring you know... So me and these two guys hung out today. I should name them, we bonded.. lol
So, I learned a lot about my Cover Pro. I love it. It sews smoothly and nice. it wasn't the machine it was operator learning curve. Learned how to look underneath to make sure you catch in all your seams. I threaded it twice to change thread colors. Threading is a big issue in serger world. So, I'm giving away a pair of thongs to a lady who wants to see how they fit. These next babies are for me. Love the lace. Applied that with the cover stitch machine. worked out great. Will do more applications as such.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

I tried

Well, I tried to be a tester for a sewing group but didn't make the cut. Pretty sad. I think my skills are pretty darn good. But hey, maybe another time. In the mean time. I've made more undies. I make them because they are so comfortable. They are fun and they are easy and they are pretty and I try to improve my serging skills each time. Each time, getting the band and the waist to look perfect is my joy. My serger seems to take off on me and then I don't like that eeeeemmmm. sound like it wants to go and I won't let it. When you first start to sew, like it's not getting enough gas. Any way, I wish it did have speeds on it like my sewing machine so I could go slow and then go faster, but no, it just wants to jump in at 1100 miles per hour. Any way, here is my latest and more to be done tomorrow. with the reverse of what you see now.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Goat milk and lavender

Came out so good.  A must try

Girlie Girl Fluffs

I made some Undies for my girl friends two little loves. I hope they live they and enjoy wearing them together. This was the first attempt at making little tots but it was fun and most of all. easy. The way this pattern designer did them amazing. Thanks to A Sparkly Baby. She has a different way of getting the bands correct, of which I have never done. So, we will see how they work out when the girls receive them and mom lets me know how they fit. For now. there they are for two cuties. Laila and Aliya.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I'm back

Hello exciting readers. I'm back. I got some direction today and now I'm going to make an effort to write more about my Journey. Today, I asked about being a tester for sewing patterns. I'd love to do this. I have sewn since I can't even remember when I started but I know it was before age 12 when they did Home Economics. I've sewn many of my sons outfits when he was younger, I've sewn Winter coats and ladies lingerie. I had a show one time at a dear friends house show casing my lingerie. Then who knows what happened and it got packed up and now resides in the attic. Well. it's time to take that box down, Introduce my skills to a new age. I have recently purchased a overstitch and serger machine all because I wanted to sew Katwise coats. She is a fantastic designer of upcycled sweaters. She has a shop on Etsy and she always always sells out of her goods. So, now, I've been sewing again. I went to a Sweater Chop shop in January with Crispina Ffrench. Another wonderful women designer, textile artist. I even had my book signed. Each day I try to learn something more about fabrics fitting coordinates. Come and follow along as new things are about to happen..