Friday, May 13, 2011

Lotion and soap

I just received some fantastic scents from a company I have used before but I think it has gotten better. I now believe I will be heading this way more often. I want to say, Bramble berry is kind and fast and you can get what you want in the amount you want. it is to no advantage of the company to have limits when there are a lot of soapers an crafters that do not want a large amount. most times you need to try it before you buy anything in a large amount. Companies like that force you to buy excess stuff that you don't need. when you shop, you should be able to get what you want at the market. Doesn't matter if it's one Banana or two bulky rolls. So to Bramble berry I'm glad to be able to make lotion today and use my new scent Mayan Gold. This stuff is so heavenly. It's very aromatic sexy tone and I just don't know, you won't find this in Victoria Secret. I also purchased Linden Blossom and Lavender and Herbs. Now I got the Lavender and herbs I was thinking for a nice clean scent. I want to have the room the Clients come in to get their massage smell earthy and clean. And..I tell you Linden Blossom is clean. So, If you are reading my blog and would like to try a bar, drop me a line, I'll send you some.

Walked today

Took a very long walk in the park today. I really really like that park. I don't know if I'll be doing any other exercise this evening but we'll see. I'd love to yoga at night but then I get so comfortable and don't want to move to the floor. :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Wow Interesting

People really do read your blog. Well, I came to complain about being unemployed. I have a lot of skills I can do but all these skills cost money. Sure I make soap, lotion and sew but none of it can get done without the money to purchase the products. I feel this is a waste of time in my life because I want to learn how to install and maintain sisterlocks but I don't have the means. Am I not suppose to say that out loud? Well, it's the truth. Today, I'll be home doing not a darn thing. I've washed and waxed the floor. gone for a walk in the park and I have left over food to eat to nourish my body. All I can do I guess is read. Nothing more to be done. This is sad because I want to be productive and I can't.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day... May Day

It's the first of the Lovely month of May. Lots happen in May. I have a gorgeous wedding to go to. My son turns 32 and of course, it's Mother's day Month. .. yup. all month I say. Never get enough of appreciating the mother figure in your life. I'll always love my mom, here and there. Cause you only get one, you only get on ya.. I'll always love my moma.

I've still been exercising, just not recording. I have so much to do. Get my sewing area in order. Make items for massage, lotion, creams and whips. Find a good home for where will be my office space. Too bad we don't have one of those under the step cut outs. I saw one in a magazine.

I hope to exercise today. Hope. If I can make sure my stomach is not full when it's time to exercise. Then I really have to get this pocket book done since I only have a few days left. But when I sew, it's all minds on the sewing. Not thinking of what else needs attention. All is well, it's beautiful out side and .. I'm going to sew.:) see ya.