Monday, April 25, 2011

Time Keeps on Slipping slipping

yes, I've been exercising. I did a walk in the park today and Friday. I did not post because I was beat. That first walk of the Season. Any way, I'm still on track. Sunday I did Body Gospel Revival. I'm doing. Too many places to post here and VF and see if the owner is brave enough to allow a Faith Based workout on her board. I just can't see why she has to think about it but, she does. I guess because I see nothing wrong with it. But if she hasn't tried it before, why not give it a go. ????

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stretch In The Spirit

For some reason I must have dreamt I did this but this was not what I did in my dream. Weird. Any how it was really really easy. So easy it's ridiculous. lol I can do it all. I get wobbly on the semi tree pose and the one where you are standing you have to grab your foot in back of you. I held on to a chair tonight but I was still stretching.

I went to Home Depot and I'm going to get my own garden. 'm going to grow Tomatoes and Squash and what ever I can fit in that box that's going to my own personal garden.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Body Revival

So. We will get to learn this. :) It's fun. This one is much more invigorating then the Core Revelation. Glad we get a break in-between the two. I revisit Core in 3 days. Yea!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Core Revelation

Why does that same topic appear under yesterday? I think I have to change that because that was today's exercise.

It was hard.
I had eaten too much food before exercising. The calzone was too much. too greasy and not as well as Saturdays. Don't roll it up.
The exercises were a bit hard for me to keep up with. I was not able to finish them all. I kept moving. My stomach is just too much and I swear I feel my breasts get in the way when I lay down. they come up to my throat it feels like.
Legs were sore just moving them in circles. It wasn't as if I didn't have energy, just difficult to keep them moving and lifted.

The stretch part was good, not a lot of stretching but okay.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Body Revival

This is mind blowing. Fun. Exciting. It makes you pray your way through it. I was saying, Come on God, we can do this. Let me finish.

I did. I did it all. I was not able to do the hops but I did the modified and I FINISHED. !!!! That is glorious. Oh man, I am anxious to see how I am at the end of these 30 days. She's good. Very good.

Thank Goodness

Yes, Thank goodness it's not all done just because you don't finish the first time.
I'm going to do. Did you hear me???? I'M GOING TO DO!!!!!! BODY GOSPEL.
This is a 30 day program. I commit to this starting today. April 18. I will do day one today and tomorrow I will ask hubby to help with measurements. The dreaded numbers. Who cares, why do we always have to have a number next to every thing. Time born, birthday, anniversary, age, employed, retired even bowel movements are numbered. And who is to say, in what circumstance a number is a *good* number or a *not so good* number? I know they have this in blood levels but why attach them to a persons abilities to do a certain task? these people don't know us.. They don't see our bodies or know how they function every day. But yet and still, there is a fitness test that is going to put untrue knowledge in my head. Maybe I should do the fitness test, tell hubby to record the numbers and then see them AFTER the 30 days. Hum.. now that's a thought. I'm not in competition with any one so what does it matter if optimal health is what the goal is? Oh well.

I'm off of here now to get ready to do day one (1) I hope to be smiling no matter what I can or can not do. It's a journey right?