Monday, December 29, 2008

Goals accomplished

I can say, I did accomplish my goals that I had posted. I'll post them here now because I will be changing the forth coming years, goals. We will do long term, short term and what ever other term you're suppose to do in a few days:) So here is what I did accomplish.

# . Kettlebell Exercise 4 x a week
I kinda did this. I did 3 days a week

# 2. Lose 10 pounds
I did more then this.I lost 19 pounds, 1 shy of my real 20.
# 3. Jog at least 3 x through the park
Did this but the cold set in and it went completly out the window.

# 4. Be able to do Front Squats
Became easier once I practiced wall squats. Great exercise.

# 5. Do Russian Twist

Not bad not bad at all. I just don't raise my legs but I do them.

So.... all I well and I'm happy. Dave just wrote today to get your plan in gear so my gear today is to sit and see how to plan for January. This is the time to make these goals happen. I always make it happen in January, February and March. Don't know why but time to get the steam roller out and roll out this middle.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Short and Sweet

Got something done:
Halos 2 x 10
1 arm swings 2 x 10 16lb
Snatches 2 x10 16 lb
Swings 2 x 10 25 lb
Front Squat 2 x 10 10 lb

short and sweet and done:)

Short and Sweet

Got something done:
Halos 2 x 10
1 arm swings 2 x 10 16lb
Snatches 2 x10 16 lb
Swings 2 x 10 25 lb
Front Squat 2 x 10 10 lb

short and sweet and done:)

Monday, December 22, 2008


We just had a storm. It went all weekend long. It was mostly Friday, windy blowy on Saturday and then again on Sunday. I feel so cold that I don't seem to warm up entirely. My feet are cold and it's just raw in the house. I wish I had a fireplace to be cozy in. New England storms can Cripple you. You can't drive, the streets don't get plowed and it's cold. I think I broke my windshield wipers but George said it was a nut. One little nut and new blades is all I needed. Thank you Lord. It could have been a hundred times worse. I am home now waiting for a ride from Caroline to take me to the shop to get my car. Ray took me there this morning. We all need people, even when things are right. More so, when things are wrong. I will get the buttons today and clean and enjoy being home later on. Right now I'm still a bit unnerved because my car was not working. It really does suck when you can't move.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Few Days

It's been a few days, but I've not forgotten about exercise. Today is that bundle up day, that people look like snowmen. It's snowing. I'm listening to Christmas Music and Knitting. I'm not going to work because my windshield wiper, the right one is broken. Won't swing. Can't be out in hazardous weather with a broken blade. Hope they can fix it on Monday. It's warm, I'm cozy, Music is great. And.. I have food. Merry Christmas to anyone that is reading this:)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Iron core II

yup, did it again. I like this one better then 1. I think she tried to do too much in one but this one is better put together. The rests are great. i will keep saying, she is fast. I don't do the Deck Squats. Takes me too long to get back up and I don't see the need really. I did Russian Twists in the mean time.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Iron Core I

Good exercise just to darn fast. I don't know if I'll last doing her videos, or just this one. I just can't stand being behind. I like doing it but dang could you slow down.I think I'm going to write that to her it's ridiculously fast. But heck, it's done and I did move and now I can eat. :) always reward yourself. I better find another way as food is not the best of rewards for me.

Now I Know

What I want. I want a job that I love to go to. Each day I think about work, it's sad. It's sad because I really don't like being there. I work with dishonest people and it really sickens my stomach. I don't know why a good influence like myself does not help. Sometimes they say we are in a place for a reason, well, I can't see it here. I would love to work from home and be happy serving others. What would I do though? I really hope they don't need a sitter today or is it because I just don't want to be in the building?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Iron Core Express

Well, I have this as my Secret Santa gift. I think it's a good DVD. Sara is just too fast. I was doing it with my 10 lb kb and that's not much weight. I really just want to learn how to do the moves, not move like a train. It was like, in, out, in, down, swing. But.. I did the whole thing. When I was about to stop, it was the end. So, that makes me happy. I am going to take all accomplisments for good. I did it.I didn't sit around and say, I'm going to do my exercise. I stuck with my time frame of 11:30 -12 and did it.

Now to find a hat pattern to fit Jade.!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Iron core II

I did this today. I even did the whole 3 circuits with about 7 exercises. Next time I'll write them down so I see what It is I'm doing. Gotta log. it really went by fast. I felt good doing it and I just did it at around 12:30. Will see if it's time that affects me or food. I went to the store this morning so I did not have time to cook eat so, it was a protein shake. Maybe that's what made me feel good. We'll see how it goes tomorrow morning:) See ya. On with the bells each day.

I'm learning so much form loom knitting and having a ball. Yarn, sizes of loom, one strand, two strands, to thin, etc. I hope it all fits them.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tough Day Today

Staying motivated. Needs help. Doing the exercise is fine. No problems. I don't mind pushing it. What I do mind, is doing it alone. Setting myself on a program and commiting to the time. The time. The specific time. I like to exercise but dang it all. Why does it have to be at a certain time? Things that are not fun are at a specific time. Like going to work. I don't look forward to that. I love leisure but i guess left up to leisure, it wouldn't get done. So, today I learned. There has to be a time. I don't know how I'm going to do this but I will think about what is the best time for me to commit to exercise. I have to get it done because, I have to pay my bills and going to a gym is not an option. The cost is out there. Way out there. So, this means to get what I want. I have to get the shovel in hand and dig in the cold dirt. That's what it feels like when you have to do something that is work, on your own.

Friday, December 5, 2008

PUNCH Brockton

Had a good training day. I learned how to do a TGU with the leg up in the air. I could not do this before and tonight, I got it. Denise taught me well. I have a sticking issue with the right side but we will get that fixed so I can learn to do them that way. She said she learned it that way and so am I.. I did a PERFECT snatch today. Wow. I didn't think i was doing it right but she said, perfect. She is encouraging. She found a way for me to do push ups on the bench. I was only able to do one on the floor. The goal, just keep doing them and get stronger. I did swings. Need work. I'm going down to far. Keep the chest forward and up. We went over Swings, TGU, Snatch, Russian Twist. Now how'd she know that's on my list of goals. Ahh.. Sit up-get ups. It went well. I'm happy to be exercising again. I just need encouragement. I might have to join for a while so I can get my confidence level up to par, or go at least every other week. The month is a better way to go though. Wish to get there. Put it out there that that's what I want to do and see what happens. Great place. I just liked workout out again. I had not done a thing all wee

Monday, December 1, 2008

First day of new instruction

Well, I did it. Took a lot to get me to do it but it's done. I did:
3 sets of 10 swings with 25
3 sets of 3 windmills with 10
ROM exercises that I could remember
Wall squats 3 sets x 10

Felt good but I don't know if I did it all correctly. This is I hope not a problem because why do something if I'm still doing it incorrectly.