Monday, December 27, 2010


Really, that's what I'm looking at now.Just moving. Not hard, not long but moving. Moving to what I like, not what people are raving about. It raves them but so what. I have to find my RAVE. Now I'm looking into Yadates. Hope to get my hands on that and enjoy that movement. There are quite a few others, I've tried but they didn't RAVE Me. Maybe on that day but on others, just not that into it.

So, I enjoy finding new people to look at on you tube that have found their RAVE. I need to talk more about it cause that's what's helping me get to where I want to be. I gotta move it move it.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I did this today and actually enjoyed it. My left hip is sore when laying on it . My right leg doesn't circle so cool, but I actually liked it. That's a new one on me.

Fund out I like the smell of Myrh also. Now I have something to scent the house with without smelling like Bengay.

Vegetables are going good and so is the delicious fruit I get to et that is no points on P+
my vibrate toes work great on the mat. I'm doing pretty good ..

addendum: Vibrate toes. Wow girl. What are those? Lol. I did mean Vibra toes. I love them.

Friday, December 17, 2010


This is really fun. I'm learning so much about food. I asked God to show me how to eat better. I got this book, Biggest Loser, Simple Swaps. Way cool. I recommend it highly.

I've learned about Jicama. Will get some tomorrow. High in fiber. Low in calories. Can make potato chips withthwm, put in salad and more.

Friday, December 10, 2010

My exercise

I also did a walk around 3 blocks today and Biggest Loser 15 minutes the Power walk Biggest Loser:)

December 2010

It's here. Almost Christmas. It's cold outside. The dog is sleeping and the house is warm. I'm getting my Mass License for massage. That's really cool. No more having to file with the town. Got my massage insurance today and now await my grades and letters of recommendation.

I think I'm doing well on WW. I at least enjoy choosing food that I think is good for me. Measuring is fun cause there is no need to eat more than it says. As much as I love rice, 1/2 cup is fine. With all the other stuff on your plate.

Made a very very good Pizza today. Just put on less sauce and It's a 10. right now with the sauce oozing out, it's about an 8. Otherwise, no grease like store bought pizza. Found something great. Matter of fact, each new food I've made has been top shelf and I love that.

Got some new boots to walk in. Not high ones but ankle boots that are water proof to keep my feet warm. The sneakers just don't work in the cold.

I believe Sammy is just about trained. It will be next year though before we just let her run free. Get past these teeth coming in and i guess she will be mature. May be May, maybe before.

My Hair. Well, it's like string. It's just so darn thin. makes me not love it at all. some parts you just want to cut off its so thin. I know I'm aging but the locs should marry up and get stronger to me.

My Biggest Loser Power Walk DVD is GREAT!!! I say that bout a lot of things I try but I really do think this is a fit.

Did I Mention that This is my first year in my life to have a brand new car, that no one has driven before the year of it's actual Birth!!! I got one and I enjoy this car immensely. I'll take a picture of one and get it up here. It feels good, rides good, fits me and I don't have to slam the trunk to get it to shut.