Monday, February 8, 2016

Brandt's Boulevard Sew-A-long

What's a sew-a-long. people that are making the same item from all over making the same item within a certain amount of time. This one happens to be 2 weeks. You can go faster or slower if you want. Since this is my first one I'm going the speed they are going so as not to miss a thing and to be in a group. More Great energy in the Atmosphere. The pattern is by ChrisW So far so good. Her are my pieces that are going into this beauty. When you see handmade, maybe you'l think twice and say,, it's worth it..

Pretty in Purple

Hi all, I have been busy making other purses, things that make me smile. Doing a lot of reading every day. Keeping the *dome* active. The fabric is wonderful to look at, try to match up, see what pops and what drops.. Here is what I have. It's a Blue Calla back pack that you can use as a pocketbook or as a backpack. I find this great when I go shopping for my fabric, I can be hands free and touch fabric and as they say, Audition fabric.. That's when I lay a few fabrics on each other and see who has a conversation with each other.. Lol. No wonder I can be in a shop for hours, listening to fabric
I loved working with these 3 fabrics. Yes, they speak to each other, don't you think?
the purse is Width: 13 inches Height: 14 inches Depth: 2.5 inches

Monday, January 4, 2016

My BOMC Backgammon Bag

Well, here is my first BOMC bag. It taught me a lot about my machine.. I used a foot I had never used before for going over thick fabric. We made it without cursing. that's a big plus for me. I love the bag. Just today, someone asked me, why I used orange in my bag. The reason it's there is: 1. because I like it. 2. because it has accent. 3. its not same, same, same. 4. the color is in the fabric just doesn't show up on the photo, there is a hint of peaches in there and it gives it accent. 5. I can't stand boring neat stuff. 6. It gives you eye something to look at. 7. It was fun. So here she is.. #backgammonbag #betzwhite #BOMC
showing the back of the bag so you can see I mirrored the peach color. I took the pictures out doors and as you can see the sun looks a lot brighter on the back from the porch. then it was overcast on the one on the fence. and 20 degrees out there. See the snow?

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Learning to Make Bags

I find I am most engaged when I'm learning. I get very quiet,and concentrate and my brain is trying to figure it out.. I"m glad I don't have any premeditated thoughts, if that's the word. I feel like and I am, a new slate writing pages on my life. I just finished making an awesome bag by Betz White and it was just really really good. I was taken to a deeper thought as I was trying to understand the new zipper placement I had never done, new lock, I have never done, an adjustable strap and a perfect bag. I have made 3 other bags but they were nothing to woop about, well, maybe they were but for some reason, this bag is dear to me. I like it. I think the others were okay. This I have no complaints about. The others, were too small an opening, Wrong choice of fabric that you could only use with a certain outfit, It was just all wrong. Have to find some one to give them to as they are hand made. The backpack I made recently is nice but not quite right. I learned a lot about piecing in that one. Has no zipper for your change and it doesn't really close well. Sure it's pretty but, I know I will be in my new one as soon as I take pictures. Then again, maybe I'll leave it hanging on the hook so I can admire it.. I love it. I love the pattern, and how it all worked out well. I learned how to go very very slow and I mean slow like, one stitch at a time when you have to sew over about 6 - layers of fabric. I didn't break a needle. :) I also serged some seams so they finished well. If you're interested in making handbags, I suggest taking a craftsy class or joining The Bag Of the Month Club. You can read all about it here at BOMC I really do love it and will aspire to learn on each bag.. There are a lot of talented people in this group and I'm learning to not fear their skills as I improve on my own.. I can.. make a Bag.. :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Emmaline Bags

I just finished a cute little purse, wristlet, hold what ever this evening by designer. Emma line Bags . I learned how to install 2 zippers on a bag of which I have never done before. #emmalinebags The process went smoothly. She writes excellent directions and has great pictures to go along with the project. I also lined this and I have not done that on a wristlet either. So it's really good quality. Would recommend if you want to sew bags or get other cool sewing projects, she has something for you. She is also one of the designers in my new Bag Of the Month Club of which I got as a gift from my husband.. (thanks babe) Now I can sew a bag every month and not be board of what to do. Or just click on the Logo to your right for more information on what the Club is all about. I found out also as I was making this purse, the Adult Coloring book worked. I went slower. Read the directions better and in general was more relaxed doing the project.