Monday, April 20, 2015

My skirt and Pants weekend

This is my Ankara skirt that I made earlier this month. I went out for a surprise weekend and it felt great to be in the sun on a gorgeous day. I also made the pants from Burda Pattern.
The pants:

Friday, April 17, 2015

Sure it Fits

Yes, yes, yes. Well, all my years of sewing I've never had a slipper actually fit my chest area. Well today, I finished making the bodice of my Sure Fit Designs and it's a hit. I just need to bring the front dart back a little as it's not suppose to be right at the apex. it's suppose to be 1 to ½ inches from the apex. But hey, that is not a problem. I can do that. The arms were excellent. I had to try to get a few measurements myself so I was off a few. The sleeves were at least 1" too short. the dart on the sleeve looks like it could do down a bit toward my elbow more. Otherwise, I have no complaints. It fits. It fits so well I could put buttons on it and lower the sleeves and fix the dart and hey, it's better then the craftsy class, just saying. This one did not frustrate me at all. Just took it slow. Did a little at a time. Listen to the DVDs before proceeding and it came together for me. With doing this yourself, you know where to fix what. If it was done by someone else you would not understand it. Doing is learning for me. Now also to work on easing in that shoulder caps. don't like those.
Sure Fits Designs

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Measure, Mark, Make

Well today, had a good day in that I got to finish all the measurements for the Sure Fitss design patterns. It really is nice and easy. I didn't get board. Will take it slow so it sinks in. It's amazing how much you can do with this one pattern. Tomorrow I will cut out the fabric and possibly start sewing up my Body Blueprint. Next I cut out an amazing skirt Pattern Simplicity 1166. This will rock out great in my Love4Ankara Fabric. Washed and iron and cut out. Ready to be sewn up:)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sure Fit Designs

Got my Sure Fit Designs and took my measurements. Bought the special fabric to make a tester of the bodice. Joanns had a good sale today and will the rest of the week at 50% off. Bought a lot of thread now .. I need more hooks to hold the thread.. :( any way. Ray bought me a lamp for the ironing area. Got some great fabric, Ankara from Love4Ankara and it's the original wax print from Holland. If you don't know about Ankara fabrics read some about it here. and The Origin of Ankara Beautiful fabrics, just beautiful. Looking forward to sewing it up this week. Namaste.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Burda Style

Made two pairs of comfy casual pants. The first ones I had a time with the pleats because I was not paying attention but the second pair, were the lucky charm. I love them I'm highlighting how to use a pressing board in areas that are hard to press. Like the top of the seam on a waistband. the points on a pointed accent piece. All in all it's a great pattern I highly recommend.. Fabric from Lorrains in Pawtucket, Rhoad Island.