Saturday, August 30, 2008

Walk Day

Planed on walking today with the GymBoss. I didn't use it until I was just about done because the walk was leisurely. Nice,no one out there to distract me. Then I get on the Phone with Mary and talk to her until I'm just about done. So, coming down the hill I used it and it worked great. I speed walked for that minute then went back to regular walking.

At home did a few swings with Iron Core, change up, went to Clinic. Practiced swings, where bell should be behind heels, where to hinge at hip, all these pointers aren't in other vids. They have done a bit of instruction but it seems each has a difference on how to do it, where the hands should be placed. I did find doing it AOS way a bit better. I really need to practice my Cleans, I have trouble figuring out when to turn the wrist out. I don't know if I should get The Kettlebell Way or what?

Now it's time to get ready for the dungeon. Yes, BH is a dungeon, dark and dreary. I always have to put myself in some other place so I can enjoy the time, to read, learn and do the best I can for all I am in contact with.

I prepared a bit of food. What seems like a lot to me, probably isn't enough but I will decide from what I did how to improve on the quantity.

Friday, August 29, 2008


I got this device to work this evening. Now I can't wait to see how it's going to put me to the beat. I've been walking but I know I have to put some speed in there at intervals. I plan to walk for 5 minutes regular then speed walk for 1 minute. I think I have it set up right. Will see. Still have more to learn but at least I can walk and walk faster fore a few miles. I found another lady's blog this evening just by putting in a search on GYMBOSS.

THE SECRET.. Very nice, good reading book. I had been doing this practice before but it's like other things in life, it just was not my time to implement it. Now.. when I think and visualize, I will see the TYTBODY I have always wanted.

This is going to be a great Christmas. I will be out of Debt, thanks to Dave Ramsey and I will be in the body I have set out to accomplish.

Getting Prepared

Today, I did not get to exercise. I don't know it it's because of the not so good evening at work I had and I was feeling the effects. So, take note: Mood was not good on Thursday and it affected me on Friday.

I did do a great thing today: I prepared a lot of food, cooked the veggies and weighed the protein and froze it in bags. I think this will help next week but I probably need to cook more. I think I have enough through the weekend. Will see how it goes and see how to make adjustments for my next kitchen prep evening. I thought I was going to have Chicken but I did not get it cooked in time. So, thank goodness for cans of Tuna and salad. And I'm happy.!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I'm doing it and it's working for ME.. I'll keep doing this because now, it ain't so!!! I went for my walk today. Need to sit down and hopefully have time at work this evening to set up the GymBoss, if not, there is always Friday. I have to get those creams out to DC. I can't stand the smell in the kitchen. My floor tiles came today and don't you know they are the colors I've always liked. Suit it up,,, Black and White. Sharp looking. I had the protein, rice early this morning. Now that was a bit different even though I could really like it. I ate Brown Rice, String Beans and Meatloaf. What a breakfast. But it was better then eating Ezekiel. That is the dryish stuff I've had in my mouth.

The sugar monster

Is leaving. I am getting off of sugar. Don't know how or when it will be done but I know I'm working on it. The more I understand how harmful sugar can be for my body, health, depression, energy, the more it will be easy to let it go. When I understand something I usually can see it through.

My GymBoss came today. Need to learn how to work it like, right now. Sent a few things back to QVC not needed or not liked. I'm full all ..of.. the ... time.. lol Bough the book Lick The Sugar, got a food scale and my kettlebell necklace came today. It's really nice size. Lisa even noticed it and said it was nice. Thought it was going to hang too long but, it's just right with my uniforms. Can't

today was Kettlebell day. Really want to work on snatch and get it right. I really like the Laurie Video, #1. Hope I find the #2 for even less. :) I like how she has rest periods in between each exercise. not after you do three. For me, that's a bit much but I will make a goal to work up to it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's moving

Yes, I do believe real fat is moving now. I am down another pound and that is good. I was on the scale praying that number was not the same as the last one.

I received a new meal plan and it's not that bad. I think in my head I felt like there were/are a lot that I can't have but what I am eating is good. I will always miss my mac and cheese but I will save that for those splurge meals. Maybe I will even outgrow a *splurge* meal.

I've been busy ordering. I ordered my floor tiles. These will also be great for Jade to lay on. Never thought of that until I realized they did show a baby laying on them.

I ordered 2 books by Marilu Henner. Just to see how to fix a different salad.
I changed from Verizon to Comcast. I'm so sick of my Picture pixiating when it gets too windy, snowy or rainy.

I took my 60 minute walk today and .. my GymBoss arrived. I will spend some time with that on Wednesday to get the hang of it.

The fall is on the way. I had to get my Allegra today because the allergies have let me know... they are here.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Outdoor exercise

I did something outdoors. I don't know what. My land is not even and you can't get a good footing out there. Maybe I will have to try again in the drive way. I really didn't like it though. I think that's because I didn't have any direction. Later on this evening, I'm going to do the 15 minute exercise, dvd. I feel better with direction or at least knowing what to do how many times. I did a few double hand swings, love those, few Get Ups, I just went to the elbow with the 8kb. Just to get those muscles familiar with what I'm going to want them to do. I did a few front squats. I really do hate these. My hip still bothers me when I do them so, forget that. I'm sure there are a number of other things I can do.

Colored my hair. I think this time is sweet brown. Not red, not yellow but a nice blend with my skin, little reddish.

I had Steak for breakfast with spinach and rice.
Snack was Pineapple
Next, Steak and a salad

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today was a walking day. Great weather, great sun, great temperature. Work is fun .. but.. I won't say anything more. I ordered a Gymboss today to include some fast walks in my regular walks. I know I can use it for other things but I do need to do that interval thing. Will work on the page this weekend to see if I can change colors. Why, I don't know.. something to do I guess. I ate Chicken Roll up at work today and I can't say it was great. Felt a little different and I don't know if that's because of the regular roll up or not. The chicken was suppose to be fried in no trans fat.. who knows. Maybe it's all in my head. Would like to get better at writing down my meals. I thought the computer was the way to go but I don't think so. It can get too complicated on whether or not I make it a meal, finding the food, inputing it, etc. I love to write so why not just find that cool little black book that won't be too heavy in my pocketbook? I get to sit with Jade over the weekend. I am also going to meet Denise, a new PUNCH gym owner. She may go over some things with me and watch my form so I can tell if I'm squatting correctly. Maybe they are just to fast for me but I know when I do them it hurts.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I did it again

I ate correctly the whole day.. yes this is an acomplishment. i didn't even get tempted to get the candy that i knew was going to be on the desks at work. I passed it up. Yea for me. I kept telling them to put the candy away. I got Marla to actually throw out her Coke today.

This is a success. I also walked my 60 minutes today.
I found a new web site that at least talks about what I'm going through. I ordered the book just to see how they cook teh food. Burgers of all my ground products and be a bit tiring. I don't know why I feel it's tiring. I didn't feel what I ate before was like this. I guess it's because it's new.

I have to say, some people ask such non-thought out questions on web forums it's rediculous. sometimes you don't want to even respond but responding may light a light up that says, oh, I could have found that out or... I should have looked before engaging my mought. Just crazy I tell ya.

So, the big news. I did weigh myself and I weigh 167 pounds. I was afraid to get on the scale but.. it did move. Wow. That's a great feeling to see and register in my mind. All the more need for good healthy relationships. Keep this body moving downward.


Well, sleeping seems to be happening much better. I guess this is one change that happens while changing my nutrition.

Went for that hour walk today and felt great. When I went to bed I knew, it's get up, get ready to walk and come home and eat yummy egg whites..... and you know I don't mean that.. lol Back to work today with a new face.. Candy, get thee behind me. ..

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wow on the eating

Man, I'm so sick of eating it's just sickening. Eating constantly. All day long all I can or did do was watch the clock to see if it was time to eat again. I'm sick of eating. I like food but man it can be sickening. I did it today though. All the way through. Now, see. Just waiting for 10"30 to come so I can drink that last Protein Drink. I am so done. I used to like eating...Now I'm sick of it.

I did the 15 Minute segment and Cathe's stretch max with the band. Now to set the mind to go work and keep thinking, one step at a time. Little by little I'll get to where I've never been before.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Yea, I finally went Kayaking with Mary.It was really awesome. Lot of upper body work. I did okay but had some issues going forward. That has to do with my paddling skills though. I loved it and would do it again. Here is photo of Mary and I..

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The eats

The thing that takes the most thought is the eating. I ate what I was suppose to today. I Stir fried the Ground Chicken with some Broccoli and mushrooms. I had my 1/2 cup brown rice..

Breakfast was the egg whites and spinach.
Other meal was the 4 ounces Pineapple.
I did my Lauren 15 minute work out. I thin I should do that at least 3 x a week and go for 2 weeks and then do something else. She goes a bit fast and I'd rather just go at my own pace.

I'm taking the supplements and feel okay. I'm still very fat in the gut but.. oh well. I wonder what it will look like flat:)

I called Denise, the PUNCH gym owner but not reply yet. I want get the feel of the Diva bell... I really want a program or other more trained persons input on what to do. Love the dvd but it's a bit fast.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yea, Thanks Nia

Thank you for the compliment, funny... I just got out of the shower and said, I need some help. :) and there you are. Thank you for the affirmation and hope.

I did not feel like I did enough today. I think I know I judge myself too strong but I don't know what's enough and what's too much. I know when I can't pull any more, that's too

Today I did Ultimate Body Sculpt, 15 minute segment. I felt lot of pain in my right hip doing the squats so I set back on those.

I love the swings the most. Hip movements are another story.

I also did some of Elevation. He really has some nice moves there. The haft get up, my legs raise up off the floor but I still push myself up. I did the whole rounds though. I didn't do them a couple, just went through all of his rounds once.

I think I have to get a grip on this darn QVC again. They've had such good things that I had to order, sketchers, rings, cleaners, pocketbook and more rings. Once I get the right combo, I know I'll be done. It's like that with my blue agate, I love it and it's on it's finger until something shinny comes my way.

So, I feel good. It just stinks that eating can feel good for the moment and you feel great, but exercising, I'm not feeling the greatness.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good night

Well, it's time to go to bed. Funny, when I'm home 11'o'clock at night seems late. I had a protein shake and I'm ready to hit the feathers. Will have to find something interesting to do on Wednesday. I hope I can exercise for sure. This hip better be better or.. I just take Motrin and work through it.

Clean sweep

Today I did a clean sweep of the fridge and didn't even realize I was doing something good for myself. I just found out by reading this great magazine, Experience Life. It is showing me I am unconsciously making good decisions about my health. I wanted this magazine since June and signed up for the subscription but didn't receive it. so...I went to Barns and Nobles the other day and bought it. Great magazine. So far, the reading has brought me to Burts Bees Ageless night cream, and now I'm reading 5 ways to practice happiness.

Happiness is in the doing. not in the getting. Rich people, can have it all and they can still.. not be happy.

feeling not myself

I don't know when I'm suppose to be feeling better and great. Each day I feel a bit dizzy. Like I can't think straight. I get confused and feel like I can't remember what I am suppose to be doing. I can go down a hall and forget what I'm going for. Then I turn around and go back and I think of it. In the store, I plan on getting a few things and sometimes forget something. Not a good feeling.

any how, today I felt weird also. I just ate my Ground beef, squash and spinach and a salad. I hope that was enough. I'm not feeling like exercising again as my right hip hurts. I don't know if it's due to the rain or what. I know it hurts to sit and sometimes to walk so, i['m not doing anything. took a Motrin and I'm just going to read and watch TV tonight.

Monday, August 11, 2008


So far, pretty good. I still do not get up early enough to eat all that is advised but i do what I can. Eat the right thing at least. now I'm about to have some salmon burger I made, squash and broccoli. Yum. I did Abs video along with the lauren DVD 15 minutes.

What is the nature

I can't understand how people wake up.. complaining. I just got my breakfast together and sit in front of my computer to read. I swear it's like reading a Sunday paper, or local paper, full of tragedy. All they complain about is prices and how come and how much and stuff that they have no control over.. but still buy... To me it's either do it or don't. We have choices. I have choices also so I could not read it but. I want to see what makes people not move. Shows me, how to take action. If I don't like something, I say.. ask the source. They are like bitching to friends who aren't the supervisor.

So, today it's rainy out. I don't know if I'll get to the store or not. Afterall, I do have all week!!!:) I do plan on doing Lauren's Kb exercise today. I really need to start putting that into the crossfit software so I can see faster what I did on what day. I also need to put in my eating from day to day. See what time etc.

Wednesday I guess will be my weigh in day. I really don't like to see weight but, gotta do it.

Went to Barns and Noble and bought my Experience Life Magazine. I was going to cancel the subscription but they were nice enough to offer some back issues to me because I had not received my first magazine. I had wondered what I had ordered back in June and never received.

Had a great talk with Nia last night via Yahoo.. That is great thing..
Slept again great. But I did take an ativan so I could go to sleep from being off schedule all weekend.

Off to sit on the couch and read a few pages... Oh ya, I bought a great purple bag from QVC.. lets hope it's all the things I like, size, color, shape, opening, bling, inside good, soft.. Loving a bag. And purple.. never had one of these before. Love that color. Miss my amethyst. My finger became larger so it's too small. Maybe when lose weight I wonder if it will fit again.

I got to speak to Anthony of Art Of Strenght. I told him about the bitching women and all their complaints about a mistake. I don't know why they do this to anyone. It was an honest mistake and they just about crucified him, his company. Any way. I will be getting the DVD direct from Anthony when it comes out. That means, get cracking girl. You have a lot of work to put in.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

the weekend

I got to spend some time with Jade this weekend. I had her from Friday until Sunday afternoon. It was really fun and great and I hope bonding.

I didn't exercise this weekend, only Saturday. I couldn't get time in because of sitting with her.

I will exercise on Monday. I ordered Miracle from Ebay this evening. I bet it will smell awesome on my skin. Love to lotion up once out of the shower. Just wish they weren't chemical laden.

I'm doing good with my eating. Now that I know I can eat more vegetables, I felt like all I was eating for days was lettuce. It was okay but that's not a veggie I can take every day more then once a day.

I have to get the supplements in. I'm doing okay learning.
Got some new pj's from Walmart and a bunch of other tops for under $50. reason I say this is because just watching QVC, one top can cost as much as all the items I purchased. I saw a dress there I want so. who knows, .. might go back and get it.

A week off. I'm soo looking forward to it. Sleeping and exercising and eating. That's all I want to do .. and read and spend some time in the sun. I hope I get at least more sunny fun days then downers. i.e. rain.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Did Lauren's 15 minute kbell training. also eating my food plan.
This stuff, what ever it is seems to work pretty well on the bowel system. i think I'm going to get an email for more supplements. Gesh, and I wonder how long it takes for them to take effect.

Sometimes, I wonder if women think...before they open their mouths? This new kbell workout just came out and people on VF are already asking questions instead of going to the source and ask there.? I don't get it.

On my way

Well, I feel like I'm on a trip alone. I just get this email from Ray saying good luck on finding new eating journey or something to that effect. He's like an old man, like my deceased Godparents who never change a thing. Must be a military brain or something. What they think is what they think and unless you are an authority on it, they stick with their ways. He will probably not use a new cologne either as it's not what he has been using. I know that relationship will only be friends because I can't live with someone who just thinks what they do is the only way. I guess I just want to help people see there may be a better way. So, being I'm not an authority, it won't be believed. Wish God will send me a soul mate. Male or female.

Well, today is the day I do my new eating plan all the way. Everything that I was waiting for came in the mail today. So, here I go. I'll be back later today as I'm home allllllll day:)

Great !!!

I made it to vacation. I'm on vacation. Haven't been on vacation since I went with Marla on our cruise last May. Long time coming. I don't know why I don't think much of taking vacation. I guess it's because I don't get to go any where. So. it's not a big deal. This week though, I plan on practicing Kettelbell training. Learning my snatches, cleans, TGU, swings and getting a routine, down. Sleep and enjoy my new eating plan. I will start to make small goals for each day.

Today I accomplished a goal and it wasn't even on the forefront. I didn't eat candy. Eating the eating plan Bonnie has given me sure stears me away. I like it. Felt kinda weired today though, like I couldn't think.

I'm also chainging and deciding not to drink milk or it's products. Don't know how but at least we can take it a day at a time. I love pizza but there are other kinds I can eat I'm sure.

I get to baby sit Jade for 2 days. I'm a bit scared for them because I want them to be comfortable with me and the baby. it will be a great time to hold a baby girl again. Get to show her I love her and hugs.

Fridays goal is to exercise with Lauren and I hope all my supplements come in so I can do a full day of the eating plan. Now that's the plan.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday before vacation

Well, praise God I did make it to this day. There is always so much anxiety the days before I go on vacation. Just to be out of work for a week is going to be great. I have not stayed home for a vacation in a few years. I'm not sure I'm going to like this being as i also can't eat anything I want any more. I am on Punch Nutrition and I have a plan. I did a sneak in meal today. For some reason, I don't even know why, I wanted a waffle. So, I cooked just one and ate it.It was delicious.I know now I can't have any processed food as that slows down the results. I won't do it again. I just got sick of eating egg whites for breakfast. I worked last night 12 hour shift. It's just brutal when I get off but having the money does help when I want to just purchase items. Like going to the movies. I'm going to buy 5 tickets today and give some to Corey and Danille and maybe they can take Cam to the movies to be out together. then I get to baby sit. lol Just a few more hours to hurry along but I shouldn't because that's my life. Well then, what can I do great and good for today? I don''t know but I hope I do something to make it beneficial to someone.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Did the Ultimate today

Hey, today was/is a great day. I got my Protein powder in the mail and it is great. I've never tasted a protein powder so good in my life. I can drink it with WATER. No clumps. Great stuff. I also got my foot roller. More to come by the end of the week. I cooked up some salmon today on the grill and it's fab. the salad and the salmon I had at work were delicious. this is going to be easy to do. I just have to cook it up. the chicken burger. Easy. thought it was going to be dry but it's great. Never had one before. now I want more protein powder. :) I also did my first Kb exercise with Lauren. I did the 15 minute program and it was awesome. Can't wait to keep on doing it so I can see results. If these little changes are good can't imagine what it will be like when it all comes together.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Yes, now I understand what Happiness is.It's doing just what you are doing. You love it otherwise, you would not be doing it. I love what I'm doing. I'm reading about K-bells. I'm doing K-bells, I'm selling anything that I have so I can eat the proper food and change this flat glob around my middle. I can change this. I will change this. My new topic may be IRON WOMAN. Me.!!! I had a good night last night at work. I think I drew maybe 4 people. I went to Whole foods today and bought everything I need to eat that Bonnie suggested. I know I"m whole now. I know I'm going to change. But.. that change is a bit fearful. Because... I don't know what I'm going to look like... feel like... I know one thing...I'm going to be even HAPPIER. Yes, happier. not happy. Just happier that I achieved a goal i have long been capable of achieving but did not have the right tools. Now I do. I have a nutritionist and I have the right exercise program... for me. So, all who want exercise equipment, get in touch with me. Good stuff cheap.:)

1. From Russia with tough Love book
2. Ezekial Bread, Salt, chicken, Turkey, Salmon-wild, from Whole Foods
3. Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning

All my tools to A Better body.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

August 3, 2008

Did another 12 hour shift. Loved it. Went by really fast and no problems. Didn't exercise yesterday, had great company with Ray. Will make it a good day Sunday by exercising. Joined with Bonnie Lefrak to get this weight off. She is making a plan for me. Not ready yet.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Did rounds 1-3 this afteroon. Pretty good. I love that snatch and the high punch? ..
love the deadlift squat. Great for the legs. Feels good going down, the up is the master blaster. Out of breath I am.

Elevation II

Did this one time through. The one with the one leg is a bit challenging. I have to use the 8kb for these. Otherwise. It's very intense. I take my breaks but I still did it one time through with the practice session on Clinic. It really works your core a lot. My left arm needs some attention. for sure.

The opps and the ahhhs

yes, today was my first day to get to do what I want. I got ready, this morning and put on AOS clinic. he is really a good teacher.

my oopps for the day. I was doing a drill, just going over how to do it and.... I dropped hte kb on the floor. It broke the Gaiam mat and sat there. WOooooW. It broke through the mat. I laughed and now I know what to practice more. lol