Wednesday, January 26, 2011

200 Squat and Push up challenge



Some days it's difficult to just sit down and write about how you did the day before. I think it, but coming to do it is work. lol

Okay so here is how it went yesterday. GREAT. Started off like lemons but when I did do Ellen Barrett's Skinny Sculpt, I enjoyed it. Burn the heck out of my shoulders. I'm going to be sure to put a post it on that one for deep shoulder work.

Ordered my Pink Sandbag and looking forward to a decent tutorial and program with that.

Doing pretty good with the eating, No complaints but I find the more, longer I stay up, the more I want to eat. Good thing there is fruit here. Keep the fruit and I'll eat it. Keep me from thinking of the Oreos, cakes and Cheese Curls in the cabinet.

Okay, now to go fill in my Points Plus for yesterdays Food. I'm really having a good exercise month this month. The colored circles help A LOT. I can see what when and where I am doing something. It's a thumbs up.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011


Good thing blogging is where you can write what you want. No one to critique it just write it. So, I found a new blog. I say God is good in that I know he sent me to this site. No one on FV sent me there but I found it. I'm going to get to a goal that is incredible.

I found Marianne. Great because she does kettblebells. There is a need for someone that does GOOD kettlebells and puts up short workouts. We don't have to spend 45 minutes doing an exercise DVD to get results. I always knew Kettlbells were great and now I know I'm going to be doing them again. No money to put out. Yea.

the place is

Kettlebell Sumo DeadLift - Exercise Tutorial

Kettlebell Sumo DeadLift - Exercise Tutorial

Abs, sandbag, and dip station.

too big and I don't want her butt on my blog. So check the link out to the right and know it's a nice exercise.

Swing THIS for Tight Buns! Kettlebell Swing Challenge

Swing THIS for Tight Buns! Kettlebell Swing Challenge

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


To measure a jump rope correctly, stand on the middle of the rope with one or two feet.  The ends should come up to your armpits

Got a new jumpsuit today. Will start just a few tonight and it the way Zuz does it will intervals. That's how I got to 20 minutes the last time.

Health, fitness. I can do this

Friday, January 7, 2011

Tank Top Arms

F= That was my exercise today.
T= Power Walk 2/4
W = Back, Biceps and Thighs PowerFit
T = Power Walk
M = Yoga

New Web of info

I have found this, well I can't say I found it. I went looking it up after someone mentioned learning something from it. It's called Zuzuana. ( I am not fancy on her choice of work out fits. Baring too much skin is not necessary.

I do plan to do the exercises as much as I can as I'm looking for short but result proven exercises. Not sure if her's are proven but I was told they can be fun.

Yes, I want to have fun even if I can't do 15 or 12 of something. The other exercise DVDs on market are too long and too cute. I'm not into that either.

So, I'm going to by this dip station and a sandbag as soon as Josh Henkins gets them in. I'm going for a pink one so I"ll want to pick it up and use it.

I hope she does more exercise with the sandbags so we can get our money use out of that and the dip station.

Looking forward to my body fat loss this year. That's best I can say. FAT BE GONE.

But don't dwell on that. Dwell on Fitness, health, strength and endurance.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

finding a way

I have looking at so many ways to log, it's crazy. Tonight I came up with, use my own notebook. Made some lines in it for the points and will use the hand held calcultor for keep record.

I was looking at a streaming color journal, crazy, $24. Then I see some have some of what I want others have this but not that, not the right size, over size or too small...

Get my ideas and make it my own is what it comes down to.

When I get more written in it, I'll scan it and show you a page or two.