Thursday, July 31, 2008

keeping positive

I feel you try to put yourself around positive people, people who are doing what you are doing and they can punch you down so hard you don't want to get up. Last night i ate my anger away. I ate raisins, I ate raisins with yogurt, I ate nuts and I couldn't stop. Felt like someone eating a bag of chips until they were all gone. Then, in the middle of the night I felt like my blood pressure was to the roof. I got up this morning and had to drink and drink and drink to feel better.. now I have to eat something. I'm wondering if I'm starting to feel angry again...or is it... I just want to succeed in kettlebells. I want to make a change and I just can't find my way out. Selling all videos I have to have money for the kettlebell videos and classes I need to take. Plus books and other gear. I feel like, If I'm in school to learn something I need to have the right supplies. I can't blog at work as that piece of crap computer they have in the phlebo room is ancient.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

She's here

Kbell came today. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. I signed up for this Bonnie's nutrition and I tell you. .. it better be all that they are saying it is.I'll do it all and I prayed today .. it will work.

This is what I did for my beginner workout:
1 Arm Rows = 10 each side
1 Arm Swings = 10 each side
Swings = 10 x 2 sets

She now sits in the kitchen, waiting until tomorrow.:)
This sure does get you breathing hard.

Good Morning

Hi, to all.
I keep making an effort to journal and I have dropped it a number of times. Well, I must need some accountability or something or just what? Any how. .. This eating thing is worse then religion.. in trying to find one you can follow. I'll keep at it and one day I'm sure the correct road will come and take me up. See you later in the day as I can do this from work and home. Maybe that's what I needed. A place to be there with me no matter where I am. See you later as now, i'm just getting started.