Friday, May 31, 2013

UYD - 7

MOUNTAIN POSE Pranayama Breathing and Meditation. Wow, Just close you're eyes and look how you made it. Yes, I made it. I did a full week. had a curve in my road but I got up and continued. Wow. I feel like I've been transformed and…. i've only….. just…..begun…..Ha. One week and each practice was wonderful. I may not have done all the postures correctly, but I was on the mat. Today, Oh today was like I was taken to Bulgaria with the crew. Mountain pose. I loved it. Loved the breathing. Loved how my body was like, we like this. I had a bit of a short lung when it came to the Pranyanama breathing as I could only exhale to the count of 6 and then I had no more wind to go. So, I took a skip and sucked in more wind:) and went on. The first time I did this Pranayama I was not able to keep up at all. All I heard was Travi's counting and wondering what on earth is he doing. Well… this time, Gombden in place, knees crossed, quite room, aroma of refreshing lemon essential oil so I could breathe and there I went. I did it. as he say..oooooohhhhoohoooohooo. Like you hit the right spot!!!!!! If anyone hasn't gotten here yet, you will. Just know, it's a wonderful place to be. My Favorites and I can't say in any particular order are Yin, Detox, Vitality, and Mountain. To all of my Ultimate Yogi group members… Namaste and thank you …. for showing up… on ….. the mat!!!!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

UYD - 6


The Ultimate Yogi w/ Travis Eliot - Vitality Power Yoga Class from The Ultimate Yogi on Vimeo.

This is wonderful. But what did you or I expect. This whole program is wonderful. I will sing it dream it do it all th time with my juicing. And Man, let me tell you, there is nothing better, I"m all done shopping for juicers as I've come to the one. oh yes, there is one right for me and it's the Hurom Elite Juicer. Quite, clean, beautiful, wonderful juice. I have a new book also. I'm just so excited happy glad to have a wonderful juicer and now I need to really explore some other vegetables in my juicing such as broccoli and cauliflower, kohlrabi and collard greens and Brussels sprouts so I will always always have something to juice up. Yoga, Oh Vitality, so wonderful. Full of vital movements for heart opening. Some tai chi movements that allow you to get the full breath in your chest and then exhale it out with movement. I love it. It's not fast, it's a nice tempo. Great cueing. I can do this. I have to get strength in my upper chest so I can hold that plank and lower down to cobra. That is a move we will be doing a lot so I best find a way to get it done. I wish I had a yoga circle where yogis meet and talk all thing yoga and how it's changing and how to do a pose better. I guess I'll be doing my own research and then that way, I'll learn it more.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Meditation time

Today I got to the Gomden again.  The more I sit and wait, the more the nervy will come.  It feels good to have a spotty begin meditation.  This is what it looked like today.  On candle, Sunrise incense, water fountain and intention.  ૐ 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Amazing Yoga

UYD Rest

Yes, this is a day of rest. Since my occurrence of Shingles, I've been told to rest quite a bit. Well, it doesn't also allow you to really do much because it still hurts. But as I go through, I found a great Restorative Yoga video to do and it's a keeper for those days when your body says, hey, can we go a bit slow.  I did this ..
Oceanside restorative yoga.

Also, I did about a 15 minute meditation to this video.

very nice.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Left shoulder is on Fiya!!!!

Well, now I know. I've heard, I've seen and now, I have the shingles. I seen them across peoples bodies and I heard them say it is painful. Well, let me tell you. Shingles is painful. This is an adult virus that decides when it is going to come out and play. I don't like the game as I can't win. I have an oozing rash on my upper body and neck and it hurts like the dickens. Like a small fire always lit under your skin. I can't wear any clothing as even cotton hurts when it comes in contact. You can't sleep very well because your side hurts to turn on it. Well, all in all, I'm not doing Yoga today, not even Yin Yoga. Too much for me right now. I've had a few days of stress previously and I wish I knew how this decided, during this stress episode to come out. I even asked the doctor if there was something I could drink, i.e. a juice and she said no. But, I'm not going to give up looking for one. :) Any way, not much to say today as I'm in pain and I already miss my Yoga. I was so happy with the way I was going and keeping up. And now, I have a flat tire. pooffff.. I'll be back.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Setting The Tone

From Daily OM A gentle, reflective, and thoughtful morning will prepare you to create a gentle, conscious, and thoughtful day. The choices you make upon waking can have a profound impact on your day. If, still drowsy, you hit the ground running, rushing to prepare yourself to face your worldly obligations, you will likely feel fatigued and overwhelmed for most of your day. A leisurely and relaxing morning, on the other hand, can energize and excite you, as well as give you the courage to meet the challenges waiting for you. By beginning your day in a focused and centered fashion, you make it your own. You set the tone of your expectations and choose the mood you will use to respond to your circumstances. A gentle, reflective, and thoughtful morning will prepare you to create a gentle, conscious, and thoughtful day. The simplest way to eliminate the rush from your morning routine is to rise earlier. Getting children into routines and getting themselves ready as much as possible will also give you more time. Though this may seem like a hardship at first, you will soon grow to love the extra minutes or hours that afford you an opportunity to really enjoy watching the sun come up or connect with your loved ones before you go in your separate directions. There are many more ways you can constructively use the time you gain. A mere half-hour of introspection in which you examine your goals, thank the universe for the richness in your life, and contemplate the blessings you will receive this day can lift your spirit and help you formulate lasting positive expectations. Likewise, you can solidify your day’s intention through spoken affirmations or the words you record in a journal. Or, if you want little more than to enjoy your day, devote a portion of your personal time to activities that bot! h ground and delight you, such as meditation, yoga, chanting, singing, reading, or listening to music. If you feel, however, that there is little room for change in your start-of-the-day routine, try to make each activity you engage in upon waking a ritual in its own right. The time you spend everyday savoring a soothing cup of tea or washing away tension in a hot shower can serve as a potent reminder of the need to care for yourself no matter what the hour. Your morning is yours and should reflect not only your practical needs but also the needs of your soul. When you center yourself at the start of your day, you will likely find it easier to remain centered during subsequent work, play, and downtime because the overall sense of serenity you create through your choices will stay with you throughout the day.

UYD - 5

Detox. Oh yes, this I love. I will be improving on this because I like it a lot. I like the twisting, bending poses because I feel it wrings out my middle more then doing crunches. Travis is blessed. A blessing to the world of Yoga. If you have not liked Yoga before, I think you will enjoy this practice. If not, keep searching for your instructor. He's mine for keeps. I feel so at home, at ease, at peace even when I am unable to get into a twist as shown but I still twist something. I still breathe I still flow. I can't say enough about how I know I'm going to say, and enjoy becoming An Ultimate Yogi. This is also my second shot of Wheatgrass. I will say, it does not taste really bad with juice. It does not taste really bad alone. It just taste different. Never had this taste on my tongue so I"ll get used to it. I'm glad I'm now a wheatgrasser. The little machine, works like a charm. Here it is. Get a Healthy Juicer if you want to get the most out of the grass. My first juice was last night when I had 2 apples, and 1 oz wheatgrass. Drank that down better then water. My second juice was 1 Apples, 1 Pear and 1 oz wheatgrass and 5 ounces celery. I was trying to just do the wheatgrassa and the celery but no way was that sweet enough for me, therefore I had to add in my apple and pear to bring it to life. It's terrific. I love what I do for this body. Not for me, but the body. Drink the sunlight:)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

UYD - 4

This program is wonderful. I'm 4 days in and I still love it. I love the music and the teacher and the class and the length. It is difficult. no doubt but it will be better and better as I go along. Today, my favorite, Yin Yoga. Never did this before so I enjoyed this thoroughly. I like the long poses that we hold for 3-5 minutes. Felt like I was getting my own massage. I will look forward to Yin Yoga. also, the Hardcore is deep in the guts. Love it though. The set, the tone, the mediation.

Monday, May 20, 2013

UYD - 3

Strength I felt much better this morning. I was not sick in my stomach. I kept up…as best… I could. Anything new the first day is awkward. Very awkward. And you know what…?? he even had Awkward pose in there. yes, Awkward pose. I'll remember that. It was a feat of balance. Opposite hands and opposite legs extended. Wow. Balance. Each felt different on either side. Now I see why people say, Downward dog…. is my friend. You'll become to welcome when he says that. That's when you get a breather.. Very very nice;) God help me… I can't do this by myself. I can't do it within my own strength. I'm weak. I'm sore. But I'm going forth. I'm pretty happy with myself that I did do Hardcore. It was really nice. Nice positions. Except that knee to the tricep. Now that was difficult. I didn't do it. I was able to bring the knee up, but it was on the ground. I just did attempted each of the different crunches. I can see why he calls this, Hardcore You will have one and also, please, do not eat on these days.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

UYD - 2

Cardio: Oh my my my. I am so sick. I need Tums, Rolaids, Mylanta and anything else for indigestion. This was just like a roller coaster where you want to upchuk your food. I for sure could not do the number of rotations of the poses he set out. yes, the people were sweating like in Bikram but they were all doing it. why aren't there any modifier people. how are we suppose to know what a modified version looks like? I'm sick. I can't talk. any way, I had a video of the room before I stared but can't upload for some reason. Will learn more and post a video at another time. I am so hurting so sick. I need a miracle to get in this body and make it move. Yoga, ain't no joke. Alas, here is my pose for UYD-2

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Light in me Greets the Light in you Day 1

Crosstrain: Today, this is the day, go forth, not knowing what I wall become or be doing in 108 days. I'm thankful first of all be taking this step of faith into the Ultimate Yogi zone. I'll not be alone as I have about 500 or so people on board with me. This is going to be fun. I'm not alone:) Today, I was able to open the brown package. Didn't want to because I had the worst experience in buying history. Please do not support Deep Discounts as they are beyond terrible in serving their customers. I hope this negative review doesn't get them more business but don't say I didn't tell you. Now I move forward in love and joy that the program is here. Thank you almighty. ;) I was feeling so under the dirt before the package came, then it came and I couldn't even open it. My joy had gone.:( As the day went on, I thought about how yoga is going to change me and I fear what that change will be. But yet, I'm going with it. Okay, Okay okay. I know you want to know how did it go. It went well. I was terrified because some classes I had been were a bit much, such as Bikram and Hot Power Yoga. I enjoyed the heat of the Bikram but could not see myself doing the same poses repeated, all the time. But… I still had the yoga bug on me, in me, with me. Any how the candles are light and DVD is in the mat is on the floor. Here is the beginning. yea, it ain't pretty, cute or cool. But it's me. On the mat. Thank you Yariv for being there for me as I waited and for the encouragement that I am going to get out of this program with the group on FaceBook. So, I couldn't do a few things and that is to be expected. I just kept reminding myself, breath through movement. Breathe, exhale, don't hold your breath. I don't have to be perfect just perfect for my body. So, that thing, you know, that pose where you try to grab your left hand with your right hand, while your leg is bent… boy was that fun.. I I think I was grabbing my thigh. My hands were no where near talking to each other:) Now that should have been a picture. The balancing was not so bad. Quite a bit unsteadiness but definitely more steady in the left leg. The left arm under right and touch your hands, I'll have to learn this names, but not now. My left hand could only grab my wrist. Did better the other way around. I love breathing into my rhomboids though. Oh ya, that was good. I did not get to the second DVD as I thought I was done. I was done. I couldn't do any more, given the mood, etc. All these things to make a difference in your practice. So, I'll do it tomorrow and I'll be READY!!!!!! Yes, yoga is for me.

The Days Before I become an Ultimate Yogini

Well, these are the days that I will remember how …. I… .waited….. and waited…… and waited for my Ultimate Yogi set to arrive. I think the day is here and I'm a bit nervous. It has taken 2 weeks for this package to get here, and now….. it sits on the Kitchen table, afraid to be touched. Once you start, that is the opening into a new life, new path, new journey, new ideas, new body, new passion. a Yogini will be born. I am going to make sure I listen each day to what Bryan Kest says and that is to breathe.. Breathe through. Yoga is breath. Its' all about the breath in motion. Not how long you can hold a pose. Not if you can even get into a pose. It's the movement through breath. I think this was like a kettle bell experience where you move and swing and breath an it feels amazing. So, I just want to say, Opening day is coming.. I feel great. I have to just get on the mat, make a place and let the healing begin within. I've been praying for a change for a long time.. Long…time.. loonnnnnng timmmmmmmmme.. lol. I'm going to go slow. Accept, breathe and give thanks for being a Yogini:)

Bryan Kest

I just stumbled upon this other all wonderful, person who has also gotten the light. He has been doing yoga for over 30 or so years. Looks like his father who was a physician said, *You're going to do Yoga* it's good for you. Wonderful father. I guess Bryan thins so too because he took to yoga like a fish takes to water. I loved this article so much I had to copy and paste it here. I need to read this more often so that when I start trying to compare myself to someone else's progress, I have to remember, I'm who I am and love, what I can do. Here is the article and the link to his page.
Stop the Madness There is no enlightenment at the end of a pose. Actually, there is no end to these poses. It seems to me in a general sense we as a society are enamored with the mystical, mysterious, the unseen & unknown. We are looking for the hidden teaching, the secret scroll or fountain of youth, and of course heaven and hell. Yoga practice seems to be used to access some deeper dimension or some enlightened state. Understand right now there is no connection between flexibility and enlightenment. Your physical capabilities have nothing to do with higher consciousness. The depth achieved in any posture only has the ability to hurt or help your body. These asanas are simply tools to access different places in your body and care for them. The reason there is no end to the asanas is because our bodies constantly change and therefore so do are our boundaries. The depth achieved in any given asana depends on many known and many more unknown circumstances: for example, our age, injuries, job and daily activities, the type of food we have eaten and how our bodies are responding to the weather or temperature, etc. What about the position of the moon? Well, we all know what the moon does to the ocean in the form of tides. Well, we are about 85% salt water; don’t you think it is also affecting you? Maybe you cannot quantify that effect along with zillions of other effects, but certainly you are being affected. I do not believe you could intellectually comprehend all the different forces playing upon us. Yet what you can do is become very silent, so you are not distracted and then begin to feel how these forces playing upon us are affecting us, and according to how we feel, we can then make intelligent decisions as to how far, how deep, how much, we explore in any pose. That is how these postures become healing, when we are honoring what we are feeling. We certainly can comprehend that! So please stop worrying about how much you can do! STOP judging yourself and others on physical abilities and prowess, stop believing MORE is better, stop the madness! This is not a competition. It is actually the opposite. It is meant to help force us from our competitive mentality. Now, do you understand there is no enlightenment at the end of an asana! Enlightenment is higher states of awareness. Higher states of awareness is a by product of mental development and conscious evolution. Mental development is a by-product of hard work and effort. Conscious evolution means having the desire to evolve. I do not believe you would be reading this if you did not have the desire to evolve as well as I do not believe you would have come to this training without some willingness to work hard and give effort. That being said, now what is mystical? What is powerful? Why do we believe that it is mysterious, unseen and unknown? Who found the mystical? Who became truly powerful? What did they say? What was their teaching? Firstly, is there anything more mystical and powerful than life? Why does mystical and powerful have to be otherworldly? Why do people constantly look outside their circumstances for meaning and teachings? It’s not on a sacred scroll; it’s in the mirror! It’s in the smile of a child; it’s in the smell of a rose. It’s in that injury, and it’s in that divorce. It’s in that bankruptcy, and it’s that kiss! Most of us can agree there is nothing more special, mysterious, mystical, powerful and important than life! It seems to me if I would want to access the special, mysterious, mystical, powerful and most important, I simply need to live my life more fully. I need to somehow peel away the dullness and heighten my sensitivity and alertness. I need to start sucking the juice out of every single moment of the most precious gift ever to be had, “my life!” I see this in the life and teachings of all the masters, poets, god-like beings and yogis. Jesus said “love,” “forgive,” have “compassion” and “don’t judge.” Buddha said “observe,” “be silent,” and “serve.” Mother Teresa was a life of service, and Gandhi was a life of truth and non-violence. The goal of yoga according to Patanjali I am told is citta vrtti nirodha, which means to be silent or free from mental fluctuations. These lives and these teachings are only esoteric in their simplicity. We are so busy and have become so complex, being simple is actually esoteric. These lives and these teachings did not in any way express that there is anything needed to access the ultimate beyond what exists in our lives right now! This is what our yoga practice is trying to accomplish. Not white light descending from heaven and engulfing you, not energy released from the base of your spine going up through your crown chakra so you become a human lightening bolt, not a halo floating on top of your head. Simply heightened states of awareness, enlightenment, becoming more and more aware which gives more and more insight, which brings wisdom and gives choice. With that wisdom and choice, we become the masters of our destiny and at peace in our life. We see more and more clearly how we create our own suffering, how we can create our own prosperity, and we begin to live the mystical life. Welcome to Power Yoga.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sunday October 24, 2010

Leg Pull over 15 x 2 Level 1
Arm Pull over 15 x 2 Level 1
Seated Row 15 level 1

Fennel Juice

I have come to enjoy my Fennel juice. I juice the complete head, body what ever. Green Happy Juice (with Fennel) Ingredients: 1 fennel bulb 1 large cucumber 1 wedge green or purple cabbage 4 kale leaves 2 oranges 1 apple Procedure: 1.) Peel oranges. 2.) Juice all ingredients through juicer. 3.) Pour into a pretty glass, sip and enjoy!

Leah Sarago - Lower Body Extreme Elongation by 791123eka

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hot Power Yoga and more

Today I went to class in Easton at a studio called Open Doors. Very nice facility for hot yoga practice. The lights are lowered and the room is heated to over 80 degrees. I had the teacher take my photo and this is what she got. it's a start. Class does draw you into your breath You have no choice but to concentrate on breathing because your body is so twisted into poses you want your breath to hold you up. Yoga is deep people. Real deep. I'm enjoying it but I do like Savasana. You can guess what pose that is. In Savasana it's essential that the body be placed in a neutral position. Sit on the floor with your knees bent, feet on the floor, and lean back onto your forearms. Lift your pelvis slightly off the floor and, with your hands, push the back of the pelvis toward the tailbone, then return the pelvis to the floor. Inhale and slowly extend the right leg, then the left, pushing through the heels. Release both legs, softening the groins, and see that the legs are angled evenly relative to the mid-line of the torso, and that the feet turn out equally. Narrow the front pelvis and soften (but don't flatten) the lower back. With your hands lift the base of the skull away from the back of the neck and release the back of the neck down toward the tailbone. If you have any difficulty doing this, support the back of the head and neck on a folded blanket. Broaden the base of the skull too, and lift the crease of the neck diagonally into the center of the head. Make sure your ears are equidistant from your shoulders. Reach your arms toward the ceiling, perpendicular to the floor. Rock slightly from side to side and broaden the back ribs and the shoulder blades away from the spine. Then release the arms to the floor, angled evenly relative to the mid-line of torso. Turn the arms outward and stretch them away from the space between the shoulder blades. Rest the backs of the hands on the floor as close as you comfortably can to the index finger knuckles. Make sure the shoulder blades are resting evenly on the floor. Imagine the lower tips of the shoulder blades are lifting diagonally into your back toward the top of the sternum. From here, spread the collarbones. In addition to quieting the physical body in Savasana, it's also necessary to pacify the sense organs. Soften the root of the tongue, the wings of the nose, the channels of the inner ears, and the skin of the forehead, especially around the bridge of the nose between the eyebrows. Let the eyes sink to the back of the head, then turn them downward to gaze at the heart. Release your brain to the back of the head. Stay in this pose for 5 minutes for every 30 minutes of practice. To exit, first roll gently with an exhalation onto one side, preferably the right. Take 2 or 3 breaths. With another exhalation press your hands against the floor and lift your torso, dragging your head slowly after. The head should always come up last. Wheat grass. This is growing so wonderfully Here is a photo from day 5. Look at day 5 and the difference in 1 day, the last photos are day 6. and now day 6 photos, Sunday May 12, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

Chakra Balancing Yoga

Today I did Chakra Balancing Yoga with Melissa West. Very Calming. Very centering. Very gentle. I had started another one of her programs but it was a defeatist program. It hurt my lower back and I knew, don't do it. Lesson: Just because it's there does not mean you can do it. I still feel fine within myself. I accept my limitations and I will build to 3 sets of tricep pushups. Check me at the end of the year:)

Infinity Strap

Well, today my Infinity Strap arrived. It is very nice. I don't know why I hesitate on things. When I get them, they are more then what they could have been. This is beyond good. It's great quality and it's beautiful. Check it out. If you want a strap you can purchase it from Amazon, Open Sky or their site. Looking forward to working out with this. Still, no Ultimate Yogi. That's okay. There are more then enough freebies on Youtube to select from. Bought more Anise and carrots and tomatoes. Always getting something fresh. Today is an absolutely gorgeous day out. Temperature wise it's 78 and very very enjoyable on the back porch. Birds singing and squirrels climbing. Children playing in the nearby play ground. I plan on studying for my Motorcycle Learners permit and do my Yoga and be at peace because I have time to learn.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yoga with Sara Ivanhoe

Now I see why I kept this one and only yoga dvd.Crunch Candlelight Yoga with Sara Ivanhoe I love her voice, her space, the asanas and the length of this yoga dvd. What I used to dread in it, no longer is dread. you realize this when you say, *hey, where is that part I don't like?* You already passed it. I also discovered that Travis Elliott does have some downloadable videos so if my set is not in the mail tomorrow, Friday, May 10, I'm going to get a download and pay a fee just so I can get used to hearing his voice and to welcome his spirit into this home. Also, here is a bracelet I made out of Rose Quartz, leather and I believe a gold OM. Might be plated but it's still a keeper.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Yoga with Karen Russell

Yoga from a different view. Today I did Yoga with Karen Russell. Yoga Groove. It was still difficult. You do have to build muscle holding your arms out straight for periods of time. I did deep breathing and other poses of which I have to learn the language. Yoga is not as easy as it may appear. There is a lot if not all strength work involved. Yesterday I made this cool bracelet with the Rose Quarts beads from another bracelet that had seen it's time. I wonder if that means, I have Love now. :? hum

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Yoga and sprouting

I still wait my UY program. It's only been two days but it seems like weeks. Just anxious. While I wait, I have started harvesting, growing wheatgrass. My husbands pastor give him a bag of whetgrass seeds to me last year and now I'm finally getting to sprout and prayerfully growing my own wheatgrass. I have watched this video from and I'm on my way. Here are a few shots of the humble beginnings of growing wheatgrass for yourself:)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Yoga in Easton

I had a good class today at Open Doors. It was very hot. I was even sweating today. Tonia came and she liked it also. This lady is very nice. I just wish she didn't play such upbeat music. Yoga always feels great when your done. It's amazing. Like medicine you don't know you need. Came home and ate 1 Egg Role and 2 grapefruits and about a cup of chicken fried rice. Not all at the same time but it was good. I see my eating is changing for the better. I thought I could eat 2 egg rolls but I see I can't. Laundry awaits and and so does study and sleep.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ultimate yoga Journey

I'm embarking on a 108 day journey and I'm so glad. I asked God for something new to do in my life. I'm not in the medical field any more and I just didn't know what to do. I have been searching for what to do, where to go. I've always liked yoga but didn't understand it. But then,I'd go back to it again. Well, now that I've tried 3 official yoga live classes, I'm in. yes, I hit the send button and pressed the buy option:) I'm looking forward to what?I don't know but I know it's going to be good because it's a God send. I had gone to 2 Bikram Classes and thought, I like this. I loved the heat but I can't afford the prices of LIVE classes. I went to another yoga studio on a groupon of 5 classes and it's Hot Power yoga for beginners. Love. Oh man, I don't know what is going on in the body but it does feel *worked out.* I had done some of Melissa Wests yoga on YouTube and again. WOW. What is going on? I'm drawn like a drug and as the kids say on that commercial. *we want more, we want more.* It's going to be so much better also because I joined a Facebook group that is also starting at this very time. There is also one newbie there with me and that's cool. I don't know how I'll get pictures of myself but I guess "m going to learn how to work my timer on the camera. So, while I wait, I commit to the universe 108 days of yoga how ever it is presented. This is going to be awesome. I've never done a program like this with a group of people. those other Beach Body programs I did but people were still doing different things. This sounds like we will all be on the same page. I'll be a few days behind because my program is not here but for the most part, I could call today, a day 1!!! Namaste.