Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I'm in the kitchen slaving over the stove, cooking pot pies, getting ready to make Toll House Cookies and where is the baby?


Fitgirl-ATX said...

Cheryl - your Pepper looks like my little Max! How sweet! You've got me intrigued about Farnoosh's juice program. I really enjoyed juicing when I went on a retreat back in 2009. I bought a Champion juicer, but it died. I need to cash-in on the warranty so that I can get another one and resume the practice. It's too expensive to get juice at juice bars. I can't justify the expense, though many are really delicious. Hope all is well, lady! How is Ms. Jade? Ray? I can't believe that we met almost 7 years ago on the AOS forums. How time flies!

Cheryl S said...

Hi Girl. Soo good to hear from you. Exercise buddies I guess to stay in touch. did you ever make your DVD? I have a hurom Juicer now. I love it. Much easier then my Omega that I had. I've had 3 juicers and finally landed on the best for me. There is no best juicer but we decide what we want to juice the most to get the best machine for that.

The class was good but it's totally not worth what she is charging now. I can help you or lead you good books on what to get, how to etc. Look through the blog. I think I listed some good juice books.