Saturday, August 3, 2013

It's Tea Time

Time to learn about tea. The blends, the brews, the origin, the way it can help our body to heal. Tea is a natural herb that is calming to the soul. I'm going to enroll in an on-line tea course so I can enjoy the different flavors of tea and make more refreshing healing Kombucha Tea. Tea Fact: Following a surgical procedure in my dental office, a patient goes home with three items. The first is a list of postoperative care instructions. The second is cotton gauze. The third is a black tea bag, in case of emergency. Not a tea drinking emergency, but rather an uncontrollable bleeding emergency. The tannins in black tea are beneficial in controlling bleeding. Occasionally sutures can't even stop the heaviest bleeder, so we reach for the trusty tea bags. Just a little warm water and a little pressure, and before too long a clot is formed and the bleeding will subside. Works well on skin injuries too. Of course, if they don't experience excess bleeding, then they can enjoy a cup of tea. Article submitted and reprinted by permission of: Kristina Wiley, DDS

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