Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Emmaline Bags

I just finished a cute little purse, wristlet, hold what ever this evening by designer. Emma line Bags . I learned how to install 2 zippers on a bag of which I have never done before. #emmalinebags The process went smoothly. She writes excellent directions and has great pictures to go along with the project. I also lined this and I have not done that on a wristlet either. So it's really good quality. Would recommend if you want to sew bags or get other cool sewing projects, she has something for you. She is also one of the designers in my new Bag Of the Month Club of which I got as a gift from my husband.. (thanks babe) Now I can sew a bag every month and not be board of what to do. Or just click on the Logo to your right for more information on what the Club is all about. I found out also as I was making this purse, the Adult Coloring book worked. I went slower. Read the directions better and in general was more relaxed doing the project.

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