Monday, February 22, 2016

Harriet Sew-A-Long

Completed today by adding the rivets to the handles and there she is.
This was a great way to work along with people from everywhere. All doing the same project. At peace. I love tapestry fabric and the contrasting vinyl. Learned again about linings. This one has a great solid bottom and oh, I forgot to take a picture of that. (them) Here is the side (s) that open up to give you more room for that bottle of water.
These were way fun to put in. They have a little curve to them for cuteness. There is an inside pocket, of course for that loose change.
Really felt one with this bag. Some fabrics just have great energy and you work well with them and some I've struggled with. She measures. 10” tall 12.5” wide (at bottom) 4.5” deep Tote your day to day items inside this adaptable mid-sized bag. Featuring two side zippers, it quickly converts from a rounded everyday purse to a spacious tote. A top closure flap keeps your belongings secure. A zippered pocket offers added storage for your cell phone or other frequently used accessories

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