Friday, August 19, 2011

The fat

can't fight the fat. Can't lose the fat. Can't get rid of fat. Sometimes I swear being bony has it's joys. But then they probably always hurt themselves in the hips. Pants don't stay up on chicken wings.

It's hot. I'm about sick of Hot. I like nice but hot. I guess I really don't tolerate it well. Cold. Heck no. Can't get warm enough in cold either. Where is the sweet spot in weather. ?

Today, we cashed in some articles and now I have money for my New Bike. It will be here September 3, if all goes well. I just going to pray each day for strength because I get weak. My body gets tired and I give up to easily when I feel like I'm not where I should be. I was younger and then I said, I was too heavy. Now... I'm heavy and older and am a Senior Citizen. By IHOP measures. wonder why they went so young.

I have a new exercise program and it uses the door hinges. The thing with this is you should have one in 3 spots, door hindge things and they send you one? one!!!! Nice set but looks like I'll be purchasing 3 other hinges of some sort.

God Bess Corey to grow past this evil spirited female in his life and learn his lesson. She will not get better. He can.

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