Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bike on the way

I got to order my new bike today, thanks to my wonderful Husband Ray. He is sooo good to me. I will hopefully be picking it up this Labor Day weekend, Saturday and we can go riding. it's a beauty. Like getting a car your really want to drive.

Found Dunkin Donut in K cups. That's a good thing.

I only like Dunkin and now to have it in the cups will be easier then even using the filter. I say it's worth it. I don't drink coffee every day so when I do, I will actually like it now.

The vegetarianism is going slow. I like to juice though. Soaping, yea, I sold my first shampoo bar via the Loc it up group. I put up my pictures and a banner on Etsy shop and I will add more soap to that as I go along. This new recipe I made is making fantastic whiter color soap. I'll just change from Mango to Shea butter and leave it alone.

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