Friday, April 13, 2012

Did I tell you

Well maybe I didn't but I'm here now to tell you, I'm a juicer. Oh yes, I've been hit and i'm not going to quit. I am reading about juicing every day. I make juice every day. I love going to the check out counter and someone saying to me *where is your meat?* I love that. I said, * I juice* and love it. I love seeing the fridge full of greens. My husband Ray said he opened the refridgerator and thought it was wild kingdom in there. Now that's a compliment::!!!!

Today I made two Juices.

2 apples
3 Celery Stalks

This was delicious

I have not made a drink that I don't enjoy.


Here is my other drink I made today

1 beet
2 handfulls Carrots
1 apple

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