Sunday, January 3, 2016

Learning to Make Bags

I find I am most engaged when I'm learning. I get very quiet,and concentrate and my brain is trying to figure it out.. I"m glad I don't have any premeditated thoughts, if that's the word. I feel like and I am, a new slate writing pages on my life. I just finished making an awesome bag by Betz White and it was just really really good. I was taken to a deeper thought as I was trying to understand the new zipper placement I had never done, new lock, I have never done, an adjustable strap and a perfect bag. I have made 3 other bags but they were nothing to woop about, well, maybe they were but for some reason, this bag is dear to me. I like it. I think the others were okay. This I have no complaints about. The others, were too small an opening, Wrong choice of fabric that you could only use with a certain outfit, It was just all wrong. Have to find some one to give them to as they are hand made. The backpack I made recently is nice but not quite right. I learned a lot about piecing in that one. Has no zipper for your change and it doesn't really close well. Sure it's pretty but, I know I will be in my new one as soon as I take pictures. Then again, maybe I'll leave it hanging on the hook so I can admire it.. I love it. I love the pattern, and how it all worked out well. I learned how to go very very slow and I mean slow like, one stitch at a time when you have to sew over about 6 - layers of fabric. I didn't break a needle. :) I also serged some seams so they finished well. If you're interested in making handbags, I suggest taking a craftsy class or joining The Bag Of the Month Club. You can read all about it here at BOMC I really do love it and will aspire to learn on each bag.. There are a lot of talented people in this group and I'm learning to not fear their skills as I improve on my own.. I can.. make a Bag.. :)


la jeanne p said...

Love the bag, but can't see your text because of the background color of !

Cheryl S said...

how is this?