Monday, January 4, 2016

My BOMC Backgammon Bag

Well, here is my first BOMC bag. It taught me a lot about my machine.. I used a foot I had never used before for going over thick fabric. We made it without cursing. that's a big plus for me. I love the bag. Just today, someone asked me, why I used orange in my bag. The reason it's there is: 1. because I like it. 2. because it has accent. 3. its not same, same, same. 4. the color is in the fabric just doesn't show up on the photo, there is a hint of peaches in there and it gives it accent. 5. I can't stand boring neat stuff. 6. It gives you eye something to look at. 7. It was fun. So here she is.. #backgammonbag #betzwhite #BOMC
showing the back of the bag so you can see I mirrored the peach color. I took the pictures out doors and as you can see the sun looks a lot brighter on the back from the porch. then it was overcast on the one on the fence. and 20 degrees out there. See the snow?

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Tonia Zarrella said...

Very cute! You're so talented.