Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hair fair

Hair is thin. Looks better when curled. I still don't love the feel of them. They are way to small.

Sammy is doing kinda good. She's just 12 weeks though. She howls too much when I'm not around. When I am there, as Ray says, she's quieter than a church mouse.

Reading or going through the Deepak Chopra cooking book. So far,it's enlightening. I really would love to learn how to cook nutritional foods. Even learn about nutrition so I can change it all up before it's too late.

Exercise is doing well. So far Maribai is working for me and I don't feel pressured. Gotta figure out how to get an iPad. lol Ya right, but hey, it can happen. Along with a new car, but that's not necessary.. I don't really want to pay payments and I'd rather travel to the Islands then have a new car. As long as mine is running well, it's great.

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