Friday, August 20, 2010

These Waves

These waves of up and down feel like an ocean. I'm glad I got pills to take care of the hot flashes. But what pills do they have to care of when you've had enough of stress at your job? I wish I could also enjoy going to work as much as some people who are doing a job they love. I never get to say, *I love my job*. People are so damn mean and evil it's infuriating. How can you enjoy 8 hours of constant bitching and people ready to fire someone for that person having a bad day. ??? They don't fire those that have medical issues but you have no issues and they still bitch at one thing and don't compliment the other 500 things that are good.

Samantha got her Dog tag today. We also went for a walk in DWF for 20 minutes. Trying to get her used to walking, 10 minutes one way and the other 10 on the way back. She did good.Got home and just sacked out on the floor.

I called about the Histology position. Will still be sure to see her when I get into work.

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