Monday, May 9, 2011

Wow Interesting

People really do read your blog. Well, I came to complain about being unemployed. I have a lot of skills I can do but all these skills cost money. Sure I make soap, lotion and sew but none of it can get done without the money to purchase the products. I feel this is a waste of time in my life because I want to learn how to install and maintain sisterlocks but I don't have the means. Am I not suppose to say that out loud? Well, it's the truth. Today, I'll be home doing not a darn thing. I've washed and waxed the floor. gone for a walk in the park and I have left over food to eat to nourish my body. All I can do I guess is read. Nothing more to be done. This is sad because I want to be productive and I can't.

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blondie128 said...

Well hey girl! It's "Giddybridetobe" from back in The Knot days before our weddings! I just happen to come across your blog and wanted to say hi! How have you been?