Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day... May Day

It's the first of the Lovely month of May. Lots happen in May. I have a gorgeous wedding to go to. My son turns 32 and of course, it's Mother's day Month. .. yup. all month I say. Never get enough of appreciating the mother figure in your life. I'll always love my mom, here and there. Cause you only get one, you only get on ya.. I'll always love my moma.

I've still been exercising, just not recording. I have so much to do. Get my sewing area in order. Make items for massage, lotion, creams and whips. Find a good home for where will be my office space. Too bad we don't have one of those under the step cut outs. I saw one in a magazine.

I hope to exercise today. Hope. If I can make sure my stomach is not full when it's time to exercise. Then I really have to get this pocket book done since I only have a few days left. But when I sew, it's all minds on the sewing. Not thinking of what else needs attention. All is well, it's beautiful out side and .. I'm going to sew.:) see ya.

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