Sunday, March 29, 2015

I tried

Well, I tried to be a tester for a sewing group but didn't make the cut. Pretty sad. I think my skills are pretty darn good. But hey, maybe another time. In the mean time. I've made more undies. I make them because they are so comfortable. They are fun and they are easy and they are pretty and I try to improve my serging skills each time. Each time, getting the band and the waist to look perfect is my joy. My serger seems to take off on me and then I don't like that eeeeemmmm. sound like it wants to go and I won't let it. When you first start to sew, like it's not getting enough gas. Any way, I wish it did have speeds on it like my sewing machine so I could go slow and then go faster, but no, it just wants to jump in at 1100 miles per hour. Any way, here is my latest and more to be done tomorrow. with the reverse of what you see now.

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