Monday, March 30, 2015

Did someone say Rip it

Well today, I had good intentions on getting a few things done. Well, I got 2 out of my 3 so not bad. Except, they were very little projects that took me 3 hours. I spent at least an hour in the frog pond. I didn't want to go but it is Spring you know... So me and these two guys hung out today. I should name them, we bonded.. lol
So, I learned a lot about my Cover Pro. I love it. It sews smoothly and nice. it wasn't the machine it was operator learning curve. Learned how to look underneath to make sure you catch in all your seams. I threaded it twice to change thread colors. Threading is a big issue in serger world. So, I'm giving away a pair of thongs to a lady who wants to see how they fit. These next babies are for me. Love the lace. Applied that with the cover stitch machine. worked out great. Will do more applications as such.

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