Monday, April 6, 2015

Boxers or Brief

Well Michael Jordan made it famous and now I get to ask. Boxers or Briefs... but... for the ladies. I can make boxers for ladies and briefs. What I like about the Boxers, I swear there was another name for them back in the day and if you know what that was please do tell me. But I got the pattern this evening April 6 and had to sew them up. They are very comfortable. I mainly like them for when I wear a dress and in the summer your thighs get hot. This will fix that whole, I don't want to wear a dress or do I have to put on a dress??>. No excuse now. Except, I need more dresses.. :) Always something. Well here are my new Lady Boxers, I put lace on the legs and the waist band so, you know, we can tell who's is whose? lol I may even start a club. Get something once a month. with a subscription so you can get your briefs on.

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