Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pleats it is

I wanted to make another Ankara print skirt so, I found a store in Pawtucket Rhoad Island of which I was directed to called Lorraines. Nice store but please note: GO UP STAIRS. There is more fabric to behold and great prices. Everyone is 2.99 and its mostly cottons. they do have some Ankara fashion prints same as online but, thing is, you don't have to buy 6 yards of the fabric. I cam away with at least 4 outfits to wear. I have to meet my goal of wearing more dresses this summer and being more comfortable in my own skin.. Dressing does that for you also. I also finished up a pair of custom Scrundies, as they call them, and they will be heading for Singapore. Yes, you read that right Singapore. As soon as she has her funds, we will do the transaction. She wanted the rainbow with turquoise lace and her order was fulfilled. Learn more about making the pleases fit my measurement after installing them and pulling them out twice, but finally, it came together. So here is my new skirt, and Scrundies for a customer.

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