Thursday, February 11, 2016

Brandt's Boulevard completed

I was going to go step by step but the steps were easy so I kept going. Here is the completion of my Brandt's Boulevard from the Sew-a-Long. It's a very nice pattern. I wanted something to hold my iPhone and not spill out all the goods. Well with an iPhone it has to be a a certain size so cain't go smaller. My friend Velma alway runs with her wristlet, now I have one I like and will use. It's compact and cozy. Thanks the ChrisW for the great pattern. And Rachel for hosting the sew-a-long. She has a cell phone pouch, a zipper pouch for your loose change, and 5 card slots. Because really you don't need 12 card slots.and a slip pocket for the sales slips. A cool place for your I.D. where I have the Subway Card. And a wristlet strap you can take on or leave off. I love it. I enjoyed this one.
the fabric colors and the hardware to bring on the bling.. Size approx. size when closed: 18.4cm W X 10.8cm H X 2.2cm D (7 ¼” W X 4 1/4” H X 7/8” D) open
Love it. ;)

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