Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kettlenetics Kb Target Toning

This is great.. I love the movement. It's the movement in exercise that makes me like it. If it's too boring, slow, or too quick, fast, It doesn't suite me. I can keep up with her in this. The exercises are challenging. I like to move. I don't like to dance so I know, no dancing DVD's for me. Stick with this until I know it. There is not going to be a time plan on this exercise rotation. I am just going to pull one out each day I am to exercise and do it. When things are too ridgid as in I have to do this today, then it does not work.I seem to be a spontaneous exerciser, free to do what moves me that day like the scent of perfume. Every day, I don't wear the same perfume so why do the same exercise day after day and be boring. That's not my life. That's not what motivates me. I like to learn and do.

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