Monday, June 13, 2011


Today I woke up fine. Good spirits. Hair is great. I used my new shampoo bar and love it. Now I won't ever ever ever buy store bought shampoo. A bar is great.

Still no meat. Great. I found my graphic artist and we will work to get a logo for my soaps. I will then be able to have a custom design just for the soaps and products. Now I don't have to think on this.

Missy Beaver is sending me both her DVDS. Now does this rock or what? oh ya. That means I'll be kettlebelling up again. Now that, I really don't mind. I do love them. The other dvds were just too fast for me.

I don't think I'm exercising today. Just not feeling it. Happy about learning Graphics if I join a group called This place teaches you about any software program you want. I used to take tutorials years ago to learn Dreamweaver. But, I never needed Dreamweaver. I couldn't tell you to this day how to do a layer. I miss the pc for those fun days. It was nice working with someone instead of having someone just tell you what to do at the Apple store. They are busy and I don't feel creative but I still go for those hot things you just need an answer on right away.

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