Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another month flew

Man, I dont' get how these months are flying. I swear they are flying more when I'm not working then they do when I was working. Wow. Any how. I went for my usual but again, different, walk in the park today. That park is so uplifting. It picks me up when I"m down and it holds me when I'm cold. it warms me and welcomes my spirit. I talk to the trees and I get info from them also. Today my info was, use the Butterfly that you love as my watermark on my soaps. I might call my soaps Ancient Health, Ancient Heritage, Sun-Daze or even CocoPalm. I plan to put cocoa butter in all my products, hence the name cocoa and the palm oil will be in most of my soaps. I don't know. Names are so hard to choose. My sister says don't go doing what everyone else does by using the word *natural*. So, that's out. I can't call out to one ethnicity as that's not what it's about either. It's about using using good, natural, products from Africa, Ghana and Italy for the Olive Oil. All good oils with something to add to everyones skin. I love my soaping hobby and so look forward to sharing it with the world. Ya, I mean, I wish it makes it all the way to Cali, Texas, Wyoming, Washington State, and all the other states I'm looking at on this map on my wall. Got this map so I can relate to where others are as I read their blogs.
Here is a picture of what i'm talking about.

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