Monday, June 6, 2011

Hum. Now I see

I see at this blog it has vegetables on it. Did I know when I chose this that this was where I was headed? Not at all. Too bad it's so loud but we may as well make it loud.


YES, I've decided to go with the vegetable and fruit and nuts and legumes. Just waiting for my book to arrive so I can get at this properly. don't want to say, Oh I just eliminate meat. Well, I think I'll still eat Chicken and Seafood. I like my fish and sometimes a Little Chicken Parmesan my not be bad. It's more for my health now then the animals. I love animals but I'm not at the point of thinking my not eating them is going to save the planet. I have to save me and grow some stronger hair. That's my reason. Get off the blood pressure medication. It's not a strong one, just a precautions one.

Yesterday I ate only one meat meal and that was the bacon. I did that to get rid of it as I Just can't throw away food unless it's bad.

today, Monday June 6, is meatless Monday. I'll get a gadget to put on this site so we remember no meat on Mondays and then go forward.

I could have had my book here now but I decided to save $5. Wow. $5 and I could be reading or $5 in my pocket for more learning and supplies in my soaping adventures.

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