Friday, January 7, 2011

New Web of info

I have found this, well I can't say I found it. I went looking it up after someone mentioned learning something from it. It's called Zuzuana. ( I am not fancy on her choice of work out fits. Baring too much skin is not necessary.

I do plan to do the exercises as much as I can as I'm looking for short but result proven exercises. Not sure if her's are proven but I was told they can be fun.

Yes, I want to have fun even if I can't do 15 or 12 of something. The other exercise DVDs on market are too long and too cute. I'm not into that either.

So, I'm going to by this dip station and a sandbag as soon as Josh Henkins gets them in. I'm going for a pink one so I"ll want to pick it up and use it.

I hope she does more exercise with the sandbags so we can get our money use out of that and the dip station.

Looking forward to my body fat loss this year. That's best I can say. FAT BE GONE.

But don't dwell on that. Dwell on Fitness, health, strength and endurance.

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