Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Some days it's difficult to just sit down and write about how you did the day before. I think it, but coming to do it is work. lol

Okay so here is how it went yesterday. GREAT. Started off like lemons but when I did do Ellen Barrett's Skinny Sculpt, I enjoyed it. Burn the heck out of my shoulders. I'm going to be sure to put a post it on that one for deep shoulder work.

Ordered my Pink Sandbag and looking forward to a decent tutorial and program with that.

Doing pretty good with the eating, No complaints but I find the more, longer I stay up, the more I want to eat. Good thing there is fruit here. Keep the fruit and I'll eat it. Keep me from thinking of the Oreos, cakes and Cheese Curls in the cabinet.

Okay, now to go fill in my Points Plus for yesterdays Food. I'm really having a good exercise month this month. The colored circles help A LOT. I can see what when and where I am doing something. It's a thumbs up.

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