Monday, January 17, 2011

Abs, sandbag, and dip station.

too big and I don't want her butt on my blog. So check the link out to the right and know it's a nice exercise.


Fitgirl-ATX said...

Hey Tytbody - what's the link? Is this referring to Z's dip station and 'film angle'? (teehheee)
If so, one of the folks at the VF forums actually posted a link to a different dip station that may be more versatile than the one that Z uses. It's called the Lebert Equalizer. I have no opinion either way, but I do see the benefit of having one if you don't have any other tools for pullups or bodyweight dips at home. I'm kind of interested in getting something like it, but I can't justify the price. It will just be another gadget taking up space in my garage gym ;-)

Tytbody said...

I must have forgot to put it back in. Will have to find it again. Yes, that's who I was referring to. I tried to put the link up but her derier was the main picture and i didn't want that on my page.