Monday, December 29, 2008

Goals accomplished

I can say, I did accomplish my goals that I had posted. I'll post them here now because I will be changing the forth coming years, goals. We will do long term, short term and what ever other term you're suppose to do in a few days:) So here is what I did accomplish.

# . Kettlebell Exercise 4 x a week
I kinda did this. I did 3 days a week

# 2. Lose 10 pounds
I did more then this.I lost 19 pounds, 1 shy of my real 20.
# 3. Jog at least 3 x through the park
Did this but the cold set in and it went completly out the window.

# 4. Be able to do Front Squats
Became easier once I practiced wall squats. Great exercise.

# 5. Do Russian Twist

Not bad not bad at all. I just don't raise my legs but I do them.

So.... all I well and I'm happy. Dave just wrote today to get your plan in gear so my gear today is to sit and see how to plan for January. This is the time to make these goals happen. I always make it happen in January, February and March. Don't know why but time to get the steam roller out and roll out this middle.


mberenis said...

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Fitgirl-ATX said...

Hi Cheryl,
Happy new year to you! You're looking quite fabulous; love the new hair style and of course your warm smile. I'm glad that we met in 2008, and hopefully we'll get to meet in person in 2009 (maybe at the RKC?? - hint, hint). I'm very proud of all that you accomplished in such a short time. You've made fitness part of your life, and that is the biggest accomplishment of all.
Here's to a healthy, vibrant 2009!
Hugs and all that,