Monday, December 22, 2008


We just had a storm. It went all weekend long. It was mostly Friday, windy blowy on Saturday and then again on Sunday. I feel so cold that I don't seem to warm up entirely. My feet are cold and it's just raw in the house. I wish I had a fireplace to be cozy in. New England storms can Cripple you. You can't drive, the streets don't get plowed and it's cold. I think I broke my windshield wipers but George said it was a nut. One little nut and new blades is all I needed. Thank you Lord. It could have been a hundred times worse. I am home now waiting for a ride from Caroline to take me to the shop to get my car. Ray took me there this morning. We all need people, even when things are right. More so, when things are wrong. I will get the buttons today and clean and enjoy being home later on. Right now I'm still a bit unnerved because my car was not working. It really does suck when you can't move.

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