Friday, December 5, 2008

PUNCH Brockton

Had a good training day. I learned how to do a TGU with the leg up in the air. I could not do this before and tonight, I got it. Denise taught me well. I have a sticking issue with the right side but we will get that fixed so I can learn to do them that way. She said she learned it that way and so am I.. I did a PERFECT snatch today. Wow. I didn't think i was doing it right but she said, perfect. She is encouraging. She found a way for me to do push ups on the bench. I was only able to do one on the floor. The goal, just keep doing them and get stronger. I did swings. Need work. I'm going down to far. Keep the chest forward and up. We went over Swings, TGU, Snatch, Russian Twist. Now how'd she know that's on my list of goals. Ahh.. Sit up-get ups. It went well. I'm happy to be exercising again. I just need encouragement. I might have to join for a while so I can get my confidence level up to par, or go at least every other week. The month is a better way to go though. Wish to get there. Put it out there that that's what I want to do and see what happens. Great place. I just liked workout out again. I had not done a thing all wee

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