Saturday, January 10, 2009

Great day today

I did some Kettlebell Worx and it was fun. Oh ya, it can be fun. it is not a kb exercise though but it doesn't have a dread factor. It can be fun. I did that for 1 set and then I did my own Salad from Kettlebell Konnection. I can see how this works and i'm going to make a go of it. I did Tuna Salad today and that was fun. Here is Tuna:
1 Swing
1 High Pull
1 Snatch.Then you do this 3 x. I also added on the Romaine And Cheese. Romaine is 5 Front Squats and the Cheese is 10 Russian Twists. This was one of my goals of last year so you know I did it and Loved it. !!! I love this DVD and I'm making a commitment to work it work it work it. !!!

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