Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kettlebell Konnection

This just arrived today and I did it. I did the Appetizer which consists of ROM exercise. Then I did Simple Salad which is the beginner circuit I imagine as that is what she suggested to do. I got it done. It was pretty quick.

It was:
20 2 hand swings
Jogging in place for their 20 Power Jacks.

I think I need quick as it does not leave a dread in my head. I get it done and can move on. I will ask how often to do this before doing another Salad. All her combos are in Salad names such as Greek,Green, Arugula, etc. Fun and healthy. Lovely choice of routines. There is a lot to chose from here and I can ask her anytime what's next. Also, she has a scripture at her signature. That speaks a lot to me. She also thanks the Lord in the Credits of her video before the humans.

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