Friday, January 16, 2009

I love my journey

It's different, I'm not a nut. I'm not a vidiot and I just want to do it the right way. There are going to be a lot more ways to do kettlebells and I guess, it's what way you want to do them. Some will choose Pavel some will choose who ever is coming down the pike. A lot like religion. Not to say there is one way in religion but if you don't know anything, you'll take anything and not know the difference. For this particular instance, Kb's, there is one way. I see anyone who is an exercise enthusiast, professional or athlete, now wants a piece of Kettbells. Why don't they stay doing what they were doing? Why??? because it is better, it does work and it's not a lot of mess. I did my goal of 4 days this week, I may not have posted them all but I know, my body knows, I did it.

Cobb Salad.
Fun, something I can see picking up to do again.
Most part was learning today. Learning that Figure 8 to Hold getting it back up on the shoulder. Then transition to alternating Clean, then squat. We seem to be doing a lot of squats. Guess, I'm going to begin liking them or getting better at them.

Anyway, before the Cobb Salad I did the Kettleworx for fun. There are moves in there I'll call warm up to the real deal. Just take it for a gay workout.

Any how: Learning the Cobb and look forward to repeating it again and again and again..

I did something today I'm still not very enthusiastic about.. I pre-ordered a video that has not even filmed yet. ya, what's up with that. I was thinking she got training from a legitimate RKC and then to find out, it's still going to be her style. That means, not all RKC with the moves implemented correctly. Oh well, I don't do all mine correct yet but you know what? I do know how to do them, just not fast in a sequence. So, it's practice my dear. Practice, patience, persistence.

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