Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Days Before I become an Ultimate Yogini

Well, these are the days that I will remember how …. I… .waited….. and waited…… and waited for my Ultimate Yogi set to arrive. I think the day is here and I'm a bit nervous. It has taken 2 weeks for this package to get here, and now….. it sits on the Kitchen table, afraid to be touched. Once you start, that is the opening into a new life, new path, new journey, new ideas, new body, new passion. a Yogini will be born. I am going to make sure I listen each day to what Bryan Kest says and that is to breathe.. Breathe through. Yoga is breath. Its' all about the breath in motion. Not how long you can hold a pose. Not if you can even get into a pose. It's the movement through breath. I think this was like a kettle bell experience where you move and swing and breath an it feels amazing. So, I just want to say, Opening day is coming.. I feel great. I have to just get on the mat, make a place and let the healing begin within. I've been praying for a change for a long time.. Long…time.. loonnnnnng timmmmmmmmme.. lol. I'm going to go slow. Accept, breathe and give thanks for being a Yogini:)

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