Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Left shoulder is on Fiya!!!!

Well, now I know. I've heard, I've seen and now, I have the shingles. I seen them across peoples bodies and I heard them say it is painful. Well, let me tell you. Shingles is painful. This is an adult virus that decides when it is going to come out and play. I don't like the game as I can't win. I have an oozing rash on my upper body and neck and it hurts like the dickens. Like a small fire always lit under your skin. I can't wear any clothing as even cotton hurts when it comes in contact. You can't sleep very well because your side hurts to turn on it. Well, all in all, I'm not doing Yoga today, not even Yin Yoga. Too much for me right now. I've had a few days of stress previously and I wish I knew how this decided, during this stress episode to come out. I even asked the doctor if there was something I could drink, i.e. a juice and she said no. But, I'm not going to give up looking for one. :) Any way, not much to say today as I'm in pain and I already miss my Yoga. I was so happy with the way I was going and keeping up. And now, I have a flat tire. pooffff.. I'll be back.

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