Friday, May 10, 2013

Infinity Strap

Well, today my Infinity Strap arrived. It is very nice. I don't know why I hesitate on things. When I get them, they are more then what they could have been. This is beyond good. It's great quality and it's beautiful. Check it out. If you want a strap you can purchase it from Amazon, Open Sky or their site. Looking forward to working out with this. Still, no Ultimate Yogi. That's okay. There are more then enough freebies on Youtube to select from. Bought more Anise and carrots and tomatoes. Always getting something fresh. Today is an absolutely gorgeous day out. Temperature wise it's 78 and very very enjoyable on the back porch. Birds singing and squirrels climbing. Children playing in the nearby play ground. I plan on studying for my Motorcycle Learners permit and do my Yoga and be at peace because I have time to learn.

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