Friday, May 31, 2013

UYD - 7

MOUNTAIN POSE Pranayama Breathing and Meditation. Wow, Just close you're eyes and look how you made it. Yes, I made it. I did a full week. had a curve in my road but I got up and continued. Wow. I feel like I've been transformed and…. i've only….. just…..begun…..Ha. One week and each practice was wonderful. I may not have done all the postures correctly, but I was on the mat. Today, Oh today was like I was taken to Bulgaria with the crew. Mountain pose. I loved it. Loved the breathing. Loved how my body was like, we like this. I had a bit of a short lung when it came to the Pranyanama breathing as I could only exhale to the count of 6 and then I had no more wind to go. So, I took a skip and sucked in more wind:) and went on. The first time I did this Pranayama I was not able to keep up at all. All I heard was Travi's counting and wondering what on earth is he doing. Well… this time, Gombden in place, knees crossed, quite room, aroma of refreshing lemon essential oil so I could breathe and there I went. I did it. as he say..oooooohhhhoohoooohooo. Like you hit the right spot!!!!!! If anyone hasn't gotten here yet, you will. Just know, it's a wonderful place to be. My Favorites and I can't say in any particular order are Yin, Detox, Vitality, and Mountain. To all of my Ultimate Yogi group members… Namaste and thank you …. for showing up… on ….. the mat!!!!!

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