Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yoga with Sara Ivanhoe

Now I see why I kept this one and only yoga dvd.Crunch Candlelight Yoga with Sara Ivanhoe I love her voice, her space, the asanas and the length of this yoga dvd. What I used to dread in it, no longer is dread. you realize this when you say, *hey, where is that part I don't like?* You already passed it. I also discovered that Travis Elliott does have some downloadable videos so if my set is not in the mail tomorrow, Friday, May 10, I'm going to get a download and pay a fee just so I can get used to hearing his voice and to welcome his spirit into this home. Also, here is a bracelet I made out of Rose Quartz, leather and I believe a gold OM. Might be plated but it's still a keeper.

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