Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ultimate yoga Journey

I'm embarking on a 108 day journey and I'm so glad. I asked God for something new to do in my life. I'm not in the medical field any more and I just didn't know what to do. I have been searching for what to do, where to go. I've always liked yoga but didn't understand it. But then,I'd go back to it again. Well, now that I've tried 3 official yoga live classes, I'm in. yes, I hit the send button and pressed the buy option:) I'm looking forward to what?I don't know but I know it's going to be good because it's a God send. I had gone to 2 Bikram Classes and thought, I like this. I loved the heat but I can't afford the prices of LIVE classes. I went to another yoga studio on a groupon of 5 classes and it's Hot Power yoga for beginners. Love. Oh man, I don't know what is going on in the body but it does feel *worked out.* I had done some of Melissa Wests yoga on YouTube and again. WOW. What is going on? I'm drawn like a drug and as the kids say on that commercial. *we want more, we want more.* It's going to be so much better also because I joined a Facebook group that is also starting at this very time. There is also one newbie there with me and that's cool. I don't know how I'll get pictures of myself but I guess "m going to learn how to work my timer on the camera. So, while I wait, I commit to the universe 108 days of yoga how ever it is presented. This is going to be awesome. I've never done a program like this with a group of people. those other Beach Body programs I did but people were still doing different things. This sounds like we will all be on the same page. I'll be a few days behind because my program is not here but for the most part, I could call today, a day 1!!! Namaste.

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