Monday, May 20, 2013

UYD - 3

Strength I felt much better this morning. I was not sick in my stomach. I kept up…as best… I could. Anything new the first day is awkward. Very awkward. And you know what…?? he even had Awkward pose in there. yes, Awkward pose. I'll remember that. It was a feat of balance. Opposite hands and opposite legs extended. Wow. Balance. Each felt different on either side. Now I see why people say, Downward dog…. is my friend. You'll become to welcome when he says that. That's when you get a breather.. Very very nice;) God help me… I can't do this by myself. I can't do it within my own strength. I'm weak. I'm sore. But I'm going forth. I'm pretty happy with myself that I did do Hardcore. It was really nice. Nice positions. Except that knee to the tricep. Now that was difficult. I didn't do it. I was able to bring the knee up, but it was on the ground. I just did attempted each of the different crunches. I can see why he calls this, Hardcore You will have one and also, please, do not eat on these days.

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