Friday, November 14, 2008


I should find another word for AMAZING. I wish we could remember when we are feeling sad, how long that sadness lasts. It really doesn't last a long time, but when you are feeling lower then usual, it seems like all your life. We need to remember how it feels when we do feel good and say, This is how I feel, ALL MY LIFE. Today, so far my little muggy mood has not passed yet. I know it will, I just want to catch it when it happens so I can remember the feeling. Today, Andre sent me a not about working with me in ETK for 2 more weeks on swings and TGU's. I might do this. Then Carol wrote if I went on, she'd be there. Then Becky send me a note saying good things about life. Now these are people that don't write to me every day, nor do they call my name out every day in their entries on the forums I visit. So, I have to pay attention when I feel, the Universe is trying to pick me up, I have to reach up and grab it instead of sayng, no one cares.

I will be doing my TGu's today. My final day in ETK program minimum which was for 4 weeks. I did the whole program. I did not miss a day, just had to change a day but I still did the 4 days that my goal on the right >>>>> said I wanted to do. For that,, I am grateful. Maybe I should write down I want to get that Snatch down with practice so I won't be so intimidated by it.

I will look into the web site,that Andre mentioned and see if they are also what I need. You will nto believe it but last night or as I lay in bed this morning I said, now If only had something to listen to it would be easier, more conveinent then reading, well I think Andre sent me a link to something that goes on an MP3 player or your computer. That's worth talking about. :)

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